52 Week Challenge: Failure 2

52 Week Challenge: Failure 2

Because this is a challenge, and meant to be tough, there’s lots of times when I need to evaluate carefully beforehand what games I’m picking. If I choose an endless free to play game, chances are it doesn’t really fit the bill for content. Typically I’ll pick a shorter game (using How Long To Beat as a metric for average time to beat the game) because that fits the ‘only a few hours a night’ to play concept.


When I played Jamestown, a game which I enjoyed but ultimately dropped, I felt like a failure but I had to recognize the situation: that game would have been unwieldy to beat for a challenge such as this. This week, two games fit that same bill. ‘Papers, Please’ and ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’, a pair of unlikely indie darlings the community took to like a baby duck.


Now I won’t go into the games themselves, since it would be disingenuous to review something I never beat myself. But instead, I’ll explain why these games weren’t good fits for my setup. ‘Five Nights’ looks great on paper, taking around 2 hours to beat (presuming you knew what you were doing) but while playing I realized that this game wasn’t going to be measured in a two hour span but would probably take a much longer time for me to beat. Maybe if I watched a lets play or twitch stream, I’d have a better idea going in how to tackle the game but then what’s the point? After all, I’m in it for the story. So I did watch the Let’s Play and I loved it. Essentially the same problem happened with ‘Papers’ but I watched a combination of youtube and read through some guides to check out the various endings.


These are memorable games that are built on a strong foundation of love (from their developers, and the community) and had no place being in a ‘beat as many games as I can in the year’ type challenge like this.

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