52 Week Challenge – Week 16 – DOTA2 Tutorial

52 Week Challenge – Week 16 – DOTA2 Tutorial

One may disagree with the inclusion of a multiplayer exclusive game in this listing. And that’s fine, it’s my challenge not theirs. But more importantly it’s to complete games. DOTA 2 has an enormous skill curve, but the majority of that lies within playing game after game. Experience shows in a game like this.


The nice thing about DOTA 2 is that Valve has taken great strides in promoting a positive community as well as proper training to ensure everyone has a good time. Nothing is worse than someone who has no idea what they’re doing, coming into your game and boosting your opponents so much that you don’t have a way to offset that advantage.


The tutorial is the thing. In this case, the tutorial gives you a non-interactive view of your goals. Then you’re asked to play through as Dragon Knight and learn how buying items works. The next part of the tutorial is ranged combat. Then upgrading your character. Then defeating a single lane as ten different characters and finally you’re required to play 5 complete games vs bots.


I want to take a note here, people who make tutorials, that Valve has chosen your foes in the 1v1 single lane challenge so that you’re always fighting someone who has a slight skill advantage over you, requiring you to get good with that character to continue.

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