52 Week Challenge – Week 39 – Who’s That Flying?

52 Week Challenge – Week 39 – Who’s That Flying?

Shmups are one of those niche markets where there isn’t much play: you have mostly your dedicated fans that love the genre and then there are a few passers by who need to climb steep skill levels to start. Generally, those people either love or hate the games, and fall in or out of the niche and that’s because there aren’t a huge number of really GOOD entry level smups. Until now.


Who’s That Flying?! is an indie developed shmup with delightful flash style graphics (maybe a bit nicer) and some really really really good game design. You are defending the Earth, which is essentially your health bar. You can’t die, but you can lose if the Earth looses too much health. This happens if you let the weakest enemies, the ones which can’t even damage you, to leave the screen. While these swarms of useless foes fly by, only to be desiccated by your shots and punches (yes, punches) harder foes use projectiles that move, stun, shock or otherwise prevent you from killing their tiny brethren.


This unique take on the shmup genre, short and satisfying gameplay and story that gave me a sensible chuckle, makes Who’s That Flying a great entry into my 52 week challenge.

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