52 Week Challenge – Week 46 – Lucius

52 Week Challenge – Week 46 – Lucius

In an attempt to break out of the platform/rpg habits I have, I decided to give Lucius a try. I love old horror films (Hammer horror, not like, 90’s slashers although I like those for different reasons) and I figured if I like ‘The Omen’ why not play the game that basically follows the story for it. What most people expected of Lucius was a creative sandbox murder sim (which, as I understand it, Lucius 2 will be) but instead we were given a puzzle game and admittedly a pretty entertaining one.


While the voice acting and motion capture may be stiff, the game itself plays rather well. It feels a bit long, like after murder 16 people maybe the cops should stop ‘investigating’ and just arrest EVERYONE before more murders happen. Plot holes aside, when it comes to harvesting the innocent for your father (your *real* father, that is) is just entertaining. Oh but don’t eat while you play this game because the kills are gruesome. I don’t usually think about the violence in video games when I play them but Lucius emphasizes it in a way that made me feel bad for these people.


Anyway as a wrap there’s nothing that should stop those who already have interest in the game although if it doesn’t sound like something you would like then skip it because it doesn’t do anything innovative. It’s a video game that uses existing mechanics, tactics, graphics… it’s very average in everything except subject matter. And that’s ok, for 10 hours of gameplay it doesn’t need to break any moulds.

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