52 Week Challenge – Week 47 – Rollers of the Realm

52 Week Challenge – Week 47 – Rollers of the Realm

Rollers of the Realm, which is the fourth blog post I’ve made regarding the game, is great. I gave it rave reviews, really good preview and it’s just all around fantastic with one little exception: The Final Boss.


In most games, a Final Boss fight is one of two things: a disappointing end or a tough challenge. Few and far between are the memorable boss fights that stick in your brain. And most of the time, tough challenges are welcome (if with spite) because most people would rather have a boss too hard instead of too easy.


Rollers, goes with too hard to the extreme. The pure amount of luck and patience tied with skill and determination means that while I played for three days, two of those days were spent solely on the final confrontation. And having beat it, I wish it was easier. Even if it’s ‘beatable’, it’s simply too frustrating.


You need to make a run at three different bosses, each with their own table all in a row. The first one was hard, but failure felt like it was my own fault. The second boss has a ‘ball removal’ mechanic which is easy enough to avoid most of the time but the paddles are way further than normal and he has an insane amount of HP that only the rogue can tackle. Because of this, it means fighting a war on three fronts: fighting the boss with the rogue, the endless waves of skeletons with your preferred combat character and keeping the paddles alive with the healer. The problem comes in when you lose one of these three to random bad luck, in which case you have to focus on getting mana to revive them. Then healer, luckily, generates mana quickly (but let’s hope you don’t lose her because you’ll have to get your energy up to revive, then put her into the field with very broken equipment likely losing her immediately).


Final boss aside, the game was a tremendous amount of fun.

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