52 Week Challenge – Week 49 – Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Season 1

52 Week Challenge – Week 49 – Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Season 1

Following the steps of Valve, Telltale Interactive and (few) other developers, episodic gaming comes to the BBC in the form of the Doctor Who Adventure Games. Planned for multiple seasons (and only getting 1 plus the first episode of season 2), the series was actually well received however the BBC felt the need to instead focus on console games (I’ve played them, they’re rubbish). Luckily, we still have five very excellent games to play.


Now for someone coming from a Telltale game, these are going to be pretty simple but I doubt anyone playing Doctor Who licensed games are looking for a challenge, but instead looking for good storytelling and a game that feels like an episode. I love “Star Trek: Elite Force” for feeling like an episode of the show and the Doctor Who Adventure Games are no different, even to the point where they last roughly an hour. You might not need a walkthrough, but if you did I think the gameplay provided would be frustrating.


So while the graphics aren’t cutting edge and the design looks more like someone is using the default lights from Unity3d, the stories presented FEEL like you’re watching a decently written episode. Featuring villains familiar (Daleks, Cybermen, Vashta Nerada) and new (‘The Entity’), the games are a solid ‘should play’ for any fan.

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