52 Week Challenge – Week 50 – Dishonored

52 Week Challenge – Week 50 – Dishonored

Gamers love a game with choice. RPGs are obviously famous for their branching stories but even adventure and action games get in on this addictive mechanic by offering paths that eventually converge upon one point. Linear games allow for better story telling, but there is a reason games like Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto are on the top of ‘must play’ lists. Dishonored brings you all of the linear storytelling and engrossing characters but they allow you to hit each plot point however you want.


By providing players with a plethora of weapons and magics in a wide toolbox, we are encouraged to pick apart given areas and find the best way to approach the situation. Do you want to possess a rat and sneak about, hit the rooftops for a birds eye view or try to teleport around out of sight. The theme of the game is assassinations, and even then you have the choice to not kill anyone (as presented in an achievement, I totally killed people). Interestingly, because you don’t HAVE to kill everyone makes each death by your hand that much more impacting.


Delightfully broad in world generation, with somewhat homogeneous visuals, the presentation of this game ranks up there with the best. The best part of this game is the developers, Arkane. They’ve brought us the wonderful Ark Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. This is the poured contents of a crucible forging their years of experience into a nearly perfect game. I say nearly perfect because their storytelling and world building would be better if we could see it from multiple perspectives. The narrative feels locked into this political war, so anything that’s not directly related feels ephemeral.


All in all if you’re a fan of the Deus Ex series of games, Thief line of games or other games from Arkane, you really should play Dishonored. It’s available on all the usual platforms.

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