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52 Week Challenge – Week 51 – The Blackwell Legacy

Posted on Dec 22, 2014 by in | 0 comments

Point and Click adventures were sort of a big deal when I was growing up. Sierra had their various ‘Quest’ lines (Space Quest, Police Quest and so on), Lucasarts was king with their Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max games. Lots of companies I don’t remember the name of had games that I’ve long forgotten. These days, only Telltale games manages to keep the tradition alive. Or at least, that’s what most say, but having gone through my Steam library I’m finding that simply isn’t true.


From dozens of humble bundles, I’ve gotten Deponia games, Gone Home and these Blackwell games. All well received, but games I never paid attention to which I now know to be a shame. Blackwell Legacy, the first in a series of games, has beautiful artwork and really good music. I was surprised to find every line voice acted in such a small (300ish mb) package. But the story for the game is central and it’s really good. After beating this, I look forward to the next two!

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