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52 Week Challenge – Week 52 – Blackwell Unbound

Posted on Dec 29, 2014 by in | 0 comments

Last week, Blackwell Legacy. This week, Unbound. This series is really good and I don’t have much to add to my last review that is different from this one other than I wish all three games came in a single package. They would seem more like, a complete game rather than three short stories. This time, rather than solving the case of one ghost, you’re playing as the Aunt of the character from Legacy solving two ghost problems. Overall, much like the first, I’m excited to continue the series and see where it goes!


And with that, I’ve not only completed my 52 week challenge, but also my first serious New Years resolution. I found some games I loved, some I didn’t and I’ll probably write a final wrap-up to summarize each and give a recommendation to the sorts of players who would like such games but for now, my fingers are tired and my eyes are weary. My massive Steam collection has slightly more vindication that it’s not just wasted money on good deals but on good games.

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