52 Week Challenge: Week 8

52 Week Challenge: Week 8

I like board games. I like them a lot. I try to get together with my friends and play them whenever we can. Because I love board games, digital versions allow me to play them whenever my friends can’t get together. Ticket To Ride, Elder Sign, Catan, Neuroshima Hex and, of course, Small World.

Small Worlds 2, released recently on Steam and other digital and mobile platforms, is an exact copy of that board game. I had purchased it with the expansions and while I’m not going to fully review all the expansions and the game separately here, I’ll note that buying those expansions is well worth the price.

So here I am, 8 games beaten, and I’m feeling pretty good. However, some might note because this is a board game, this game might not count. To make sure that it was worthy of the 52 week challenge, I beat each game mode it had at least once, and played single player with each combination of players (the board for Small World changes depending on how many players you have). So, that’s Multiplayer online, Multiplayer local, and Bots of 2, 3, 4 and 5 player combinations.

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