52 Week Challenge

52 Week Challenge

Firstly, updates. The Steam Badge thing was fun, but there was no way to compete with the likes of other sites that provide greater functionality. I wanted to have a service that was really useful but the manual updating of it meant I was days behind on everything, and most sites also provided additional services like trading bots and what not. It makes me sad, but I’d rather come into the new year with a fresh take on things.


To that end, I’m a communicator. I love talking about, exploring the themes of, deconstructing and basically expounding upon, my hobbies. Which includes gaming. And gaming was the reason I started this blog. I got caught up in the “zomg so many people are coming to the site” that I forgot I just wanted to communicate with people. I wanted to be that positive voice that seems to be lacking in the gaming sector (with a few exceptions, of course).


So where does this leave thegeniusinc.com? Simple. I’m ‘starting over’. I’m going to focus on writing a blog post every few days (or at least once a week). It will probably be around gaming or programming. Meanwhile in my life I’m focusing on this course I’m taking online from the University of Alberta for Paleobiology and on my day job (which is programming). I’m now a father, so that’s taking up most of the rest of that time and the rest of it is going to relaxing with friends to play board games or roleplaying games.


However I wanted to make sure that I’m not losing out on gaming. I have a huge backlog of games on Steam, and I don’t want to just be throwing money away. I’ve tried in the past “beating” the number of games I’ve beaten in years past, which went well. First it was 20ish, then 24 (two per month). Last year, becoming a new father, I only beat something like 8 games. I played lots of Warframe (great game btw) but I had gotten behind. So this year, I’m doing the Iron Man 52 Week Gaming Challenge: Beat one game, each week. That means selecting games very carefully, using ‘howlongtobeat.com’ and managing what little free time I have to beat games.


Wish me luck!

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