Akiba’s Trip

Akiba’s Trip

I spent a good portion of my youth playing a wide variety of games, but you could probably categorize most of them into either “Western RPG” or “Game from Japan”. This was because the two primary gaming platforms I played on were the PC and my PS2. The Playstation 2 had an extensive library but my attraction to the weird and unusual means I usually would find something like Katamari Damacy more enticing than the newest WW2 shooter. Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed is a game that would have been right at home on my PS2 (which makes some sense, since it’s a game ported from Sony consoles).


In the game, you find yourself a newly created half-vampire. You’re stronger than most, but you also have a weakness to the sun. You’ll hunt down synthesized vampires who have the same weakness and you’ll expose them to the sun via a novel method: stripping their clothing off. And when you’re not beating the pants off of Vamps and often some humans, you’ll be working along side a group of freedom fighters who are trying to make Akibara a safer and better place.


There’s a mountain of content here so if you’re even mildly interested, I’d suggest seeking out videos to see how the various mechanics work. You’re going to spend your time gathering and upgrading equipment, doing side-quests, talking to your friends (very visual novel in that respect) and exploring the city of Akihabara (interestingly, modeled off of the real world location from between 2012 and 2013, meaning you could visit the locations in the game in real life). Oh and there are a LOT of collectibles. The game has a story that, while interesting, never gets away from being light hearted and fun. The characters are all unique (for the most part) and the villains are about as shallow as the rest of the game (although I bring that up as a good point).


If you’re looking for a light game, perhaps not too difficult with many systems at play and a very long run time (you’ll beat it in around 9 hours, 13 to complete, 30 to max out), it’s pretty solid. If you’re not a fan of visual novels, anime or tongue-in-cheek humor then I’d suggest staying away.

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