Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved

It’s no secret I love dinosaurs and it seems in the last few years we have had more and more games include dinosaurs even if they aren’t centered around it. While I hope that it doesn’t overstay its welcome, the dinosaur fad is one I hope that never really goes away.
Today, a new game was announced for PC/PS4/Xbox One. It’s a survival game like Rust or The Forest, but instead of having cannibals or naked players threatening your everyday life it’s giant terrible lizards. I can’t wait for it, but I’m going to have to since it’s not out yet. So here are a bunch of games with dinosaurs to check out for those impatient gamers like me.


Primal Carnage (and Extinction): Recently having reviewed this game, it’s a simple deathmatch setup of Dinosaurs vs Colonists. Each game has slightly different balance from each other, although they’re essentially the same.


Orion Prelude: A game that revels in their negative reviews because the developers sat down and took a huge amount of criticism to heart. They worked hard for three years and now you can get the game for a buck off Steam and it’s really quite fun.


Jurassic Park: The Game: This game from Telltale has all their trademark characterization and narrative, but lacked a little in having meaningful choices. The third best licensed Jurassic Park game in my opinion (first is Operation Genesis, second is Trespasser).


the Hunter: Primal: At the height of the popularity behind the Deer Hunter series, every other company tried creating their own. One of my favourites was “Carnivores”. Literally deer hunter with Dinosaurs. Well the Hunter: Primal is as close to a remake as we’ve seen in a long time.


Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn: (Homepage, since it isn’t on Steam) If the Hunter: Primal is as close to a remake as we have seen, this is the only real competitor to that title because it’s exactly the next game in the series. Originally a PS3/PSP exclusive, it’s being moved to PC with a few enhancements. Launching the 27th of May, so I’ll have more to say at that time.


There you have it. It’s not a comprehensive list, but that’s a chunk of games that’ll help scratch that Dinosaur itch for many players waiting on Ark.

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