Great name, what’s it about?
At first glance, you’re looking at a puzzle game where you’re a mouse trying to get around cats and end up in your mouse hole. At second glance that’s exactly what this game is and it does that very very well. You’re going to end up placing arrows, which both mice (yes, plural) and cats will follow. Watch the patterns they walk, figure out where to place the arrows and collect your points.

Cute. Is it good?
By my estimation, it’s VERY good. The quick gameplay is well suited to the puzzles presented. Each puzzle can be beat using all resources, but that will end up getting you a single star per stage. Since later stages are unlocked via stars, you’re going to want to try and use as few resources as possible to get two and three stars per puzzle.

Something worth noting: I was never ever once frusterated while playing. There was no puzzle that needed me to look up help but the game was consistent in the challenges presented.

Stars? That kinda sounds like a mobile game!
Astute. It is a mobile game, and this is the steam version. I enjoyed playing on Steam but afterwards checked out the touchscreen version. They’re basically identical but much like mini-metro the game is retooled for PC controls. Do not let the mobile origin stop you from playing a great puzzle game.

Anything else I should know?
Yes, one. The game is quite short. I blazed through the first four stages in around 40 minutes. The whole game is only 100 stages and the easiest puzzles should be enough to unlock all stages. You could collect all the stickers to add game time but there are no trading cards or other Steam specific features. Oh I also didn’t get a chance to try out multiplayer, but it’s worth noting it has both local and online multiplayer.

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