Doodle God

Doodle God

Doodle God is a mobile game, brought over to PC. I’ve never had the chance to play the original game, but I’ve always liked the concept. It’s a puzzle game where you mix the various elements available to you (starting with hellenistic ones and moving on towards ‘elements’ like birds or people) to achieve your goals. Since I’ve never reviewed the mobile versions I will not be making comparisons in this review.

So how ‘PC’ have they converted the game? Well judging from the settings options and the fact that it’s a 6 dollar game with microtransactions, the answer is not far enough. But that’s not to detract from what is otherwise a very fun game. For tablet gamers (I have a Windows 10 Asus tablet that is perfect for this game) this is an excellent choice. While these ‘porting’ decisions may turn some off, if you’re still interested read on into what you’re getting by buying the game.

Quests, Artifacts, Puzzles, Tournament and ‘Main Game’ are the options provided to you. Quests are ongoing achievement like goals. Artifacts are special unique items to hunt down. Puzzles are very specific challenges where you have a limited number of resources and you have to build a specific item. This doesn’t sound hard until you realize using up a resource removes it permanently (unlike the Main Game). Tournament has you using in game credits to play online vs other people and finally the Main Game is just open sandbox.

Presentation wise, everything is very ‘mobile’ with large, friendly buttons and colourful art. Unlocking new elements causes them to show up on a giant globe, each unlocked element comes with a small quote and a link to wikipedia for learning and the music of the game is unremarkable but cheery. Overall, it’s precisely what it looks like on the store page.

The game does come with several Steam only features. Leaderboards (for tournaments, I presume), Steam Cloud for transfering save data. Controller support for us Big Picture folk. Trading cards and Achievements, which is something you either care about greatly or don’t really care for. While the game has microtransactions, it doesn’t really advertise them nor have I felt like I needed them.

In the end, if you’re the sort of person who craves a good puzzle then you probably already know about this sort of game and might have even played it. If you’re not a puzzle person, the game probably isn’t for you. But if you’ve got 6 bucks to blow and want something you can play while binge watching TV, it’s a pretty entertaining game. The Main Game eventually loses any sort of appeal but the Puzzles kept me playing for a few hours on my tablet.

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