Early Peek: Shadow Puppeteer

Early Peek: Shadow Puppeteer

Whenever the chance comes up to try a new game before anyone else (except MMORPGs which disinterest me from the outstart, usually), I jump at the chance. With Rollers of the Realm, I ended up with an amazing game experience and so far, from what I’ve played, Shadow Puppeteer seems like it’ll be another pleasant experience.


The game plays out like a 2.5d Sidescroller/platformer (locked camera/perspective). The locked perspective makes movement in 3d space a little awkward but the 2d shadow movement is great. So far the early build doesn’t give us much in the way of story but the beautiful character design is like a marriage of Tim Burton and DoubleFine. The unity based engine performs well (as usual) and the graphical options are more numerous than Rollers had despite being on the same engine. Controller support is listed as limited and that they are (no menu navigation yet).


Overall, I enjoyed my 30 minute stay in this world of shadows. I’ve been looking for bugs to report and happily find none so far. Here’s hoping the team maintains this level of quality throughout the development of this very promising game.

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