Fatherhood and Gaming

Fatherhood and Gaming

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Something many look at going forward in life is becoming a parent. It’s not for everyone, but for those who DO want to (or find themselves falling into the lifestyle) many things take a backseat. Mostly hobbies. But as gamers, this isn’t an end to our habits, instead it simply changes them. We begin with these little bundles that don’t require much because they sleep so often but every few hours wake us up. During the times we can’t get back to sleep, a few (centuries) rounds of Civilization fills the gap. Eventually, the little bundles sleep through the night and we find ourselves capable of staying up for spans of time we only really did in our college/high school years. A few hours of Madden, Counterstrike or Total War bridges us from the living room to the bed room.


Eventually growing into toddlers (I’m keenly aware of this one, since that’s where my own daughter is at right now) they gain great amounts of interest in every part of our lives. Sitting them on our laps and allowing them to hold a controller (unplugged of course) and you have their attention for a while. My nephew was actually capable of playing shooters and minecraft after watching his Dad and he was only three. Now he’s turning seven and can’t wait to show me the new games he has when I come over. One day, he’ll even beat all the adults regularly enough to make us all rage quit.


The point is, and this isn’t a long post because it doesn’t need to be, as we grow from the generations that started with 8 and 16 bit sprites and create the next generation of noobs-turned-pro these hobbies we share with our children enrich our lives. We can share stories and worlds, teach them new skills and guide them with a familiarity few of us grew up with. Sure, I might not be able to get in marathon sessions of Tekken or play the newest 80 hour RPG in a handful of sittings but having a little girl who knows words like Hyrule and Mario rekindles my love for gaming in the exact same way.

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