Freedom Planet

Freedom Planet

When I was a kid, I had an NES. When the SNES and Genesis rolled around, I was not privileged enough to get one. That was fine, I had our spanking new Pentium 75 PC! But the PC was lacking in several areas, most notably platform games. While my friends enjoyed Mario World, Sonic or Rystar (try it, it’s a great game), I managed with Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure and Jetpack. Not bad games, but they lacked spark. Freedom Planet is a gift to my younger self and it’s a great gift.


Playing a young ‘dragon’ (she doesn’t look like any dragon I’ve ever seen) Sash Lilac, you team up with your semi-sapphic reptilian friend Carol Tea to be adventurers of sorts. You’re drawn up into a huge conflict that might even span the galaxy, by taking down a crashed warlord who wants to destroy the planet for fuel to get home.


Like Sonic, this game has a intense sense of speed. A huge variety of enemies, really enjoyable bosses and a surprisingly interesting story (with decent voice acting to boot). It’s everything a fan of platformers could want with two exceptions: the final boss is unfair to the point it belongs in Dark Souls and the story bits are sometimes longer than the gameplay parts.


Playing this on PC, I found the framerate to be capped at 60 (not a problem in a speedy game like this), excellent controller support because no one wants to play fast paced platformers with a keyboard and great sound and art. The music was a throwback to classic 16 bit games (although of higher fidelity).


One thing that someone might make someone want to skip the game, it has a heavy pro-furry feel. Lots of animal-humanoid types, anime tropes and a heavy asian influence. I liked it, but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


Steam has a demo (and I imagine other platforms as well) so if you’re even considering it, there’s no reason not to try it out. If you like it, you could end up with a great game on your hands!

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