Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon

Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon

Something that you might get by reading this blog is the idea that I love games developed by teams with a cultural perspective from outside North America. Contrast, Toren and Xenoclash are all fantastic games that are created by teams who have a viewpoint that you might not find in a traditional AAA developer team. Papo and Yo has a uniquely Brazilian take on an unfortunately universal evil. The Garshasp games are based on an Iranian/Persian hero that is developed by the Texan studio Dead Mage. Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon is a sequel to this game and while the first game wasn’t panned (nor praised) this game was rightly criticized. That is not to say the game is unplayable, but it’s something I cannot recommend.


The game is a third person action game, mostly consisting of hacking and slashing. The game has you exploring a “Temple” (although to put it more correctly, you explore three bridges, two lakes, a bit of forest and a tower) that feels all too small with no distinguishing features that would actually indicate it’s a temple. You’ll fight generic orc or demon looking enemies in a room, have a door open and generally solve a puzzle that either involves turning a wheel or dodging spikes, before going to fight more generic guys. Your character does gain new abilities but the game feels like there is no real need for using anything other than the basic attacks you start with. The game graphically is under-whelming, the designs of things are generally muddy and the voice acted notes you pick up don’t give you a real feel for what’s going on. Oh and the story is bare bones at best.


But the game is also (usually) cheap and for about an hour and a half of mediocre platforming, there are worse games you could buy. But it’d be smarter to save your money for something even marginally better.

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