From the creators of Limbo come another atmospheric game, simple to play and thick with aesthetic. The game features no HUD, minimal music, excellent sound and well designed puzzles. Everything feels very carefully placed and integrated, as though this world is being filmed and is not constructed for a video game. The auto-save system works quite well, as you’ll probably die horribly more than a few times.


One problem with most platform / puzzle games is always the one or two nefarious puzzles that always seem to require a walk through or tip to complete. None of the puzzles were unsolvable in this game, with each one being challenging but not impossible. This was a highlight for me as I felt like I was progressing along my own path, and not simply following the path of someone else.


I highly recommend playing the game. It has atmosphere, tension and a story that will leave an impression on you. Then, if you don’t want to do it yourself, go look at the secret ending online. And then read all the theories about what the story is and what it means. Even if I wasn’t telling you to do all this, you would be doing it anyway.

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