I’d recently been looking into ‘The Crew’, because a co-worker of mine has been enjoying it and I’ve stumbled across a Youtuber who has been doing Steam Giveaways alongside his videos of ‘The Crew’, ‘GTA5’ and ‘Hardline’. He even featured in one of the ‘Highlight Reel’ videos from Kotaku which I really like.


With only a few thousand subscribers, unlike some Steam Giveaways you have a much better chance of winning with smaller Youtubers like Jdrifts which is a nice side effect while you’re checking out gaming videos. He’s also tied to SlapTrain1 and a few other youtubers so hopefully this is a small video partner network in the making that we can watch from the ground up!


His Youtube account can be found at  https://www.youtube.com/user/JDrifts and his twitter account at https://twitter.com/JDriftsYouTube


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