Legendary: The Box

Legendary: The Box

I recall when the game Legendary (alternative title, “Legendary: The Box”), I was quite excited. A first person shooter set in modern day but with the titular pandora’s box having been opened, giving us gargoyles, griffons and other mythical creatures to destroy. The game itself does not live up to my expectations about what that premise could be but it does make for a shorter and sloppily told first person shooter.


Firstly, the game is quite obviously a port. Auto-saves and graphical options that are barely there show little work went into this game to make it a dedicated for-PC option. However, with a title this old it and a studio as small as they were at the time (they’ve since shut down after laying off their staff), it’s a minor annoyance at best.


The gunplay itself isn’t nearly as tactical nor as interesting as other shooters and coming from a guy who doesn’t really get how ‘realistic’ guns should be, that’s a problem. Most of the guns feel quite similar, the enemies (of which there are only a handful, and most of them are human) except for the bosses have passable AI and the multiplayer is now dead (thanks Gamespy!).


So why would someone want to play this game? Well, because they own it. The game can be purchased relatively cheap on Steam during sales. For a buck or two, you get about 8 hours of really poorly told story. The voice acting is stiff, animations are rough and the cut scenes (paintings that barely move) are disinteresting. But 8 hours of entertainment for a few bucks is entirely worth it.


I can’t say I recommend the game, but I have played far worse. There is nothing remarkable about this game (actually strike that, level design interacts VERY well with the AI) but the game also has few gameplay flaws. It’s not an asset flip or an early access never-to-be released title. It’s just… bland.

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