Lego Marvel Heroes

Lego Marvel Heroes

It’s 2013 and TTG has released one or more licensed Lego games for the last decade. What do you do when you’re a company that takes licenses and makes the exact same game year after year? You buy the biggest license and fill it with everything you possibly can. Does it work? Well Lego Marvel Heroes tries hard to find out. Spoiler: for the most part, it does.


If you’ve never played a Lego game before, most of them are linear games where you progress from level to level replaying famous scenes from movies. Star Wars and Harry Potter are excellent examples. Because Lego Marvel Heroes doesn’t use any one movie, comic, or cartoon it was free to be as original as it wanted. As the games are designed to allow children and adults to enjoy them, it’s not very difficult and the story is basic (although it embraces everything that it’s based upon, with lots of long time comic book easter eggs). Lego Marvel Heroes also benefits from an enormous open world. The story based levels are still linear but between those missions, you can enjoy an open world that gives you a lot to do.


The game is pretty, voice acting is fine, gameplay is fun and overall it’s an easily recommendable game. But no game is without flaws. It goes on a bit too long, the game is largely the same as the others and of all the unlockable characters most are reskins of the others. In fact there’s a lot of characters that have no use whatsoever. Mary Jane or Aunt May have no abilities, and are only there as a collectable. But of all the problems to have to have in your game, that’s not really a big one.

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