Lili: Child of Geos

Lili: Child of Geos

It’s not often a mobile game comes to PC and doesn’t still feel like a mobile game. And yet, here is Lili: Child of Geos and it’s pretty great. A colourful island to explore, a light hearted sense of humor and a strong non-violent method of completion, this game feels perfect for parents who want to give their children something fun to play that’s still 100% safe. And even if it’s for children, that doesn’t mean that I (or other adults) didn’t enjoy it!


So in the 4 – 5 hours I had the game, I completed most of the achievements, all but four of the side quests and the main story. That means for your buck, you’re getting quite a deal (especially if you buy it on sale). The action-adventure gameplay perfectly suits the feel of the game, the music sounds like it jumped out of a Pixar or Amblin Entertainment cutting room floor and the unreal engine handles the varied visuals very well (although there were moments when I’d rotate the camera and see missing polygons just outside of the level).


If you’ve got a few bucks and you’re looking for something new or interesting (especially if you want a game with a female protagonist, as that’s one of the major tags on Steam for the game), then you should check out Lili.

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