For my 15th week (which bugs me, as I’m 2 weeks behind AFTER counting this game), I beat a game that I don’t actually recommend for anyone looking for a great game. The graphics are sub-par, the mechanics are shallow at best and the game itself is more or less a mobile game without the in-app purchases. But there is one thing Lococycle has going for it: the game is fun!


With star power like James Gunn, Tom Savini and Robert Patrick (who honestly steals the show for me), I’m sure Microsoft expected the game to push more sales of the Xbox One as it was a launch title. Of course the game was also on 360 and later ported to PC but an over the top game about a motorcycle AI that becomes self-aware and learns about the world around it from a commercial for a truck rally seems like a surefire seller. And all those live-action cinematics and the in game dialog DO sell the game.


So while those things are great, the game itself feels like little more than a mobile title with more production. The difficulty spikes in certain places (notably when the gameplay deviates in boss battles) but that’s not an inherent difficulty where learning patterns would help. No it’s bad port decisions. Watching console gameplay leads me to believe the developers recognized that boss battles would be too easy with a mouse and keyboard, and so they slap dash patched the boss moments to harder for PC users. It’s not to say the game isn’t beatable, but there was much frustration there.


In the end, I can’t recommend the game at all. I bought it for 2 bucks and I didn’t feel cheated and I didn’t feel like I wasted my time but that’s not enough to make a game worth playing. However if you are entertained by the idea, it’s still not the worst game out there by a long shot and so for 2 bucks (or around that price point), you won’t be shooting yourself in the foot either.

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