Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Take one part Pixar, one part Labyrinth, a splash of Mario and a dash of Portal and mix them together. What you’ll find is a surprisingly fun puzzle platformer about a boy saving his little brother, full of heart.


When Max is bothered by his little brother playing with his toys (already, noting our protagonist as a brat), he takes to google (well, they call it ‘Giggle’) and finds a spell to get rid of him. Presto, we’re dragged to another place and a monster is rushing away with our brother. A crazy old woman and lots of goblin looking uglies later, you’re on your way.


The primary way you’ll interact with the game is your magic marker. It gets powered up to be a weapon of sorts, gaining power as you play the game. At first, you can raise platforms of stone. Later you’ll grow plants, move water and even explode things. The powers all combine with each other, in various ways. Cause a plant branch to fall onto a spot where you’ll raise dirt to create a ramp. Or use water to shoot yourself over to a vine.


The game itself isn’t particularly hard but it is fun and if you have a younger player in the home, they’ll enjoy giving their input as well. My daughter even figured out one nasty puzzle before I had noodled it out. The game is never very cheap and goes on sale often. Unless you have something against puzzles or platformers, you really can’t go wrong picking this game up.

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