New Game Development

New Game Development

When I first got my Wii (the original one, not the WiiU) I was excited about the prospect of many new games and ways to play them. Downloadable games, particularly original ones and not virtual console games, were these cool bundles of bite-sized gaming fun. One of those games was “Final Fantasy: My Life as the King” and it was amazing! You got to set quests for heroes to do, build your town up and how you built your town gave rise to the different sorts of characters you had.


But for as much as I loved it, it felt lacking. There was too much on rails, and not enough emergent. It was fun, but not mature. And so now I’m making my own. I’m using Trello to track my progress and design (which can be found at and Unity as my engine. Now I’m also working within my limits so this is strictly a 2d game.


The basics of the game are that travellers visit your town when you have taverns (you actually start the game with one tavern). Sometimes, travellers will become citizens (because why not stay in beautiful Your_Kingdom_Name_Here?). As you have citizens, you’ll gain a slow income of gold from taxes which can be spent on investments. Townsfolk will try to create new businesses for themselves, but this is a slow process and so by investing in your city you can create the things you want. So while a bakery might pop up, you could build one and hope that someone fills it.


Most of your population is measured as an arbitrary number, but sometimes ‘characters’ pop up. These characters are the people who run businesses. So your Tavern, Bakery, Guild Hall and Post Office all have characters running them. Now a city only has so much room, and so there is a randomized world map you can have your scouts explore. And if they find interesting things like goblin filled caves or vampire lords in castles, you can create quests. Eventually heroes will fill up the quest orders and try to complete them (hopefully bringing back treasure to your kingdom!) but you can always spend kingdom gold and invest in heroes to force them to take the job.


All these things I’m looking forward to coding, and I’ll post updates regularly here. It’s a start, but every game has to start somewhere.

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