Primal Carnage: Extinction

Primal Carnage: Extinction

I love dinosaurs. If your game has dinosaurs, I’m pretty much going to play it. Trespasser? One of my favourite games ever (especially with all the flaws). When ‘Primal Carnage’ (the original game) was added to Steam I picked it up sight unseen and while it was ok, I sort of regretted it. The levels weren’t large, playing a dinosaur was way more fun than playing a person and it just didn’t feel good. When the sequel hit Steam I sort of just looked over it and said ‘I’m not going to get burned again’. Then they gave a huge discount to people who owned the original game, allowing me to nab it for 3 bucks and I’m so glad I did because this game improves every aspect of the original.


What Can You Expect: There currently are three gamemodes: Freewalk, Team Deathmatch and Get to the Chopper. Freewalk allows dinosaurs and humans to simply run around without any goals. Team Deathmatch is Humans Vs Dinosaurs and probably the most played mode. Get to the Chopper has humans trying to move the frontline of battle forward until they reach the chopper and hold it, however there is a time limit so they need to be efficient in doing this. For Team Deathmatch and Get to the Chopper, the teams switch between matches. Humans play in first person while dinosaurs play in third dinosaur view.


The individual characters on each team are different classes. For humans, there are your standard ‘Sniper’, ‘Heavy Weapons’, ‘Pyrophiliac’, ‘Support’ (in this case, you launch nets and have traps) and ‘Fastest’ characters. For Dinos, you have ‘Heavy’ (T-Rex and Spinosaurus), ‘Fliers’ (two different Pteranodons), ‘Brute’ (Carnotaurus), ‘Fast’ (two Raptors) and ‘Utility’ (two spitting dinos). The controls feel responsive even at higher ping rates (151 was still quite playable for me) and each class handles differently.


Additionally, they’ve added market skins. Humans can get accessories (hats, glasses, skins) and weapon skins while Dinosaurs get visual skins and accessories like earmuffs. Workshop support is in the works according to the developers trello page ( Crate drops for randomized loot drop as well, but everything exists as a drop as well so you don’t NEED to buy these crates. Keys can be purchased on the market or in the store (and I suspect they also drop as an item).


What Does It Do Wrong: While the core gameplay feels well, this is an early access game and so only having two maps and two modes to play on gets a little routine. It’s nice to have that skin support in early, but some might not like the crate drops. Dinosaurs are still more fun to play as even if the humans are better this time around. Workshop support will be great once it comes out to help longevity of the game, but it’s not in yet.


Overall it’s a great dinosaur-sized foot forward from the last game and for fans of the first it should be a no brainer. If you never played, or weren’t into, the first game you might consider giving this iteration a shot.

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