Removed from Greenlight: Hatred

Removed from Greenlight: Hatred

So in the last few days, there’s this ultra “2edgy4me” type game called Hatred that’s been getting a lot of attention. Now I wouldn’t play this game, it looks like something I wouldn’t enjoy. And I hold nothing against Valve for removing it (from Greenlight, my position would be different if it were removed from Steam proper). However the community (redditors and forums goers alike) as well as influential individuals (TotalBiscuit, Nathan Grayson) have taken this as a huge looming sign of doom that Valve will be arbitrary in it’s decision making process. Some (like TB) want more transparency in regards to how Valve decides if a game is offensive or not. Others (mostly Redditors) want it back so that all developers are treated equally. Myself? I’m more for consistency with the community.


Valve has removed games in the past. “The Movies” from Lionhead has been removed either due to running out of licenses or a license expiring. Darkspore was removed for a time due to server issues. In fact, there are more than 45 games removed ( from Steam for one reason or another. Other games (mostly visual novels) need to be censored to get onto Steam and often the only way of knowing this is looking at the discussion board for that game!


So now why, I ask, are people losing their collective shit now? Because the game was ‘dark’ and ‘edgy’? Because they don’t want someone else dictating to them what games they want on the platform (even though a good chunk of criticism starts with “I would never buy this, but…”)? People petitioned to have Rock Simulator 2015 removed from Steam, saying it’s garbage. Well if this is also garbage, why are you fighting so hard for their right to have it on Steam while you worked so hard to remove RS2015?


Yes, Valve should allow the game on Steam if it has a publisher. Political rumors (Unreal logo being used without permission) have even hinted there might be legitimacy behind the removal. If the game were released from Greenlight sans publisher would it be self published (which would be fine) or Valve published (which I could see Valve having an issue with)? The Destructive Creations team should (if they haven’t already) get a publisher and take it through Steam the usual way. Skip Greenlight since it’s obvious Valve doesn’t want you there, but that’s not the only avenue onto Steam. While they figure out HOW to get their games to the people who want to play, the rest of the internet should maybe calm down a peg or at least start asking Valve about all the EARLIER inconsistencies so this is about policy and not about this game. Hopefully that will also kill the Streisand effect on this.

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