Review: Defense Grid 2

Review: Defense Grid 2

Defense Grid 1 was a highly tuned tower defense type game. If you’re unfamiliar with the genre, you essentially have a ‘base’ and for each enemy that reaches it you lose a life from your total. DG1 had a much more interesting mechanic where the aliens that touched your base ‘stole’ a life, and if you could kill them it would slowly drift back to your base. From the story to customizing towers, the variety of enemies you saw and going into the community features it was clear a lot of love went into the first game. It was easy to say that Defense Grid 1 was the best of the genre and a game I kept very close to my heart.


That was blown away with Defense Grid 2. Mostly the roster of towers and aliens remain unchanged, but the options available in using them has greatly expanded. The game has become deeper, not broader and that’ s a great feature. The story continues from the first, with new AI companions (each reflecting a new ‘super power’ to use in levels) and much better level design. The game is slightly easier than the first but there are so many new ways to play each map that the game is much more replayable.


If you’re a fan of the genre or entirely new to it and you’re interested in giving it a try, Defense Grid 2 is possibly the best TD game to date and from a guy who has nearly played them all, that’s saying quite a bit.

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