Review: Rollers of the Realm

Review: Rollers of the Realm

Having done early views and interviews for Rollers, it would be horrible for me not to review the final copy. First, if you’re just here for the should you get it or not then consider the following: Does the idea of a fantasy world role playing game with pinball-action based mechanics sound interesting? Then you want to play Rollers of the Realm.


Firstly, I’m playing this game on PC. As far as that’s concerned, the graphical options are minimal (resolution, windowed/fullscreen, v-sync, anti-aliasing) but controls are very customizable featuring separate binds for Controller and Keyboard.


The game itself is sort of a puzzle game, where you need to bust open certain obstacles and defeat opponents on the ‘play field’. I put that into quotes because the play field is *not* a traditional pinball board. Towns, forges, fields are all maps you can throw the ball down onto. And speaking of the ball, each character changes how the ball works. Weight and size are all different depending which character you currently have on deck. Speaking of characters, each one has a different power. Using these powers should give you the advantage you need to complete more difficult levels.


In a review, typically you’ll denote weaknesses or un-fun bits of the game. Simply put, I enjoyed the game way too much to say that it has any failings. However, those who don’t like puzzle games or find themselves lacking the needed accuracy probably should avoid it. Also pinball purists, although they traditionally avoid digital pinball games. If this sounds interesting to you, check out Rollers of the Realm.

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