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Rock of Ages

Posted on Jun 3, 2017 by in | 0 comments

What happens when you combine tower defense, a third person-rock and the art style of Monty Python? I’m not actually sure but I had a lot of fun beating it! In Rock of Ages, you’ll control a giant boulder, running over buildings and structures and people to earn money and try to bash down a door. Once you bash a door down (or if your rock breaks), you’ll be waiting for your minions to build another rock. During this time, you’ll put up your own structures as your foes are trying to roll their giant balls at your door. Bash down a door and you’ll be given the privilege of rolling over your foe before moving on. Each level adds new structures for both your and your opponents.


The game is older, running on Unreal 3 but the core mechanics of the game are quite fun. I didn’t play multiplayer but the asynchronous nature seems like it would lend itself well to the game presented. The music is catchy enough to get me to whistle it shortly after playing and the art is truly charming. If given a chance, pick up the game. It was well received when it came out, it’s just as good now and it has a sequel coming soon.

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