Saturday Morning RPG

Saturday Morning RPG

For my ninth week in my 52 week challenge, I find myself looking for something short (as being a dad, professional programmer, hobbyist programmer and DM in two different D&D games leaves for little free time) but with more than a little depth. That led me to the old-school alike Saturday Morning RPG. With a light rpg system reminiscent of old PS1 games and overflowing with 80’s references it seemed like the perfect game for me especially with 5 chapters each only being around an hour long.


As an RPG, the game certainly hits all the points it needs to. A world worth exploring, characters worth talking to (although lots of npcs lack any real development), equipment of a few different types and most importantly decisions to give you agency as the player. The world is like something out of any of the adventure films of the 80’s: being a kid and exploring your neighborhood. Although this eventually extends to a very campy space ship that feels a lot closer to Final Fantasy than it does a toy commercial. As you level up, you upgrade your stats by a single point, meaning your numbers are never questionable as to how effective something is. Items include trapper keeper covers, you have 5 scratch and sniff sticker item slots that can be changed around outside of combat. Additionally, all the moves your character makes in combat comes from items you find in the world (also numbering in 5 and swappable outside of combat). Actually the gameplay reminded me of ONE of the eras in Evo Land.


So what about the nostalgia side of things? As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, the game really resonated with me. References to things like the Nintendo Power Glove (“It’s So Bad!”) and 64k of RAM being more than enough it felt like the writers of the game would have been good friends of mine had I grown up with them. Transformers, He-Man, GI Joe, Care Bears and lots more references to cartoons all sit beside things like Knight Rider or CHUDD references that might go over some heads although I suspect that number would be rather low.


Do I recommend the game? Sure. If you look at those screenshots or the banner and feel that nostalgia tick in your soul then the game is probably made for you but if you’re looking for stunning graphics or gameplay anywhere above average then it’ll probably disappoint.

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