Stories Untold

Stories Untold

What is Stories Untold?

Stories Untold is a game that, at first, feels like a few un-related stories all wrapped in a 1980’s visual styling. Tape decks, cathode ray screens and a healthy dose of VHS warping. The chapters each offer a different story: playing a text adventure game, helping an experiemental science scenario, an outpost in greenland and so on.

So what do I do?

To put it at the most basic, you’re playing a game with a series of slow time events. Much like a quick time event, except you need to seek out the information on how you progress. Unlike a puzzle, which presents you with many possibilities the scenarios presented here each progress linearly. That is you only have one way to progress forward. In many ways, that makes this a walking simulator where you don’t walk.

Sounds boring, why would I want to play?

The journey is the destination, as they say. The game is mostly comprised of a compelling story that draws you forward wrapped up in the atmosphere they build up. It’s that narrative that keeps you locked to your screen, instead of being a game where you’re honing your twitch abilities or puzzle solving skills.

And yet, the game is rated quite positively. Should I play it?

That depends on you. If you’re interested in a solid story, then yes. If the idea of a game that’s more about being interactive art appeals to you, then it’ll do well. If you’re looking for a game where you can mute the story and still enjoy it? Skip Stories Untold.

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