Subsurface Circular

Subsurface Circular

A noir story on a train
Subsurface Circular puts you into the mind of a detective robot in a world you can only glean about by investigating robot passengers on a train.

What sounds like an excellent concept for a game could turn out being very hard. For example, the game could be too linear, being more of a book because the developers didn’t have the skill/time to implement a world but are so proud of it then over inform you or force you to do the old “rub every noun against every source of information until the game is beat” type gameplay. SC ignores both options and forges ahead, writing a tale worthy of Asimov but giving you characters you care about and a narrative filled with choices.

That’s a mouthful. If it’s a game, how’s it look and sound?

While sound is minimal, it’s well implemented. From the train calling out your stations to the ambient noise, there’s plenty of sound going on. Graphically the game isn’t anything you’ll call home about. The simple meshes work well for the visuals provided, but the texture resolution and lighting won’t have you pulling the game out as a benchmark. Nor should it, given the relatively low price point for entertainment value. The game runs about 2 hours per playthrough and as far as I can tell has three endings to get you to that amount of playtime.

So it’s good then?

This game is excellent in terms of narrative and one that I highly recommend for anyone even slightly interested. The mood and tone are set early on and survives the entire game. The story is so good, I’m going to be completing those as well, just to see the other endings. I recommend the game if you’re even a little interested in story based games or if you’re looking for something really good and really different.

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