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Suicide Guy

Posted on Sep 17, 2017 by in | 0 comments

Suicide Guy? So…
Ok let’s set this aside. The game could have been called a number of other, less uncomfortable names. Yes, you’re spending time killing yourself but the reason is you’re trying to wake up from a dream. This game is not enforcing, endorsing or encouraging suicide.
Oh… so I’m dreaming?
Yeah. Your character is a slob who fell asleep drinking a beer. As you began dreaming, your brain noticed the bottle dropping but you can’t get out of the ‘hub’ until you complete a number of other dreams. Each one has you figuring out how you’ll kill yourself to escape the dream, with 25 total dreams in all.
Ok that doesn’t sound so bad. Is it good?
It’s… imaginative. I’d argue it’s good, but as a game it’s not very replayable. The platforming has a weird jiggle when you climb (which you’ll do often), so I doubt people will target it for speed runs. But will you have fun over the 5-6 hours you’ll play? Absolutely.
So what does the game do well?
The game has lots of really great references. Jurassic Park, Mario, Portal, Moby Dick and plenty others. The graphics are well designed (although at first I though the game was an asset flip, due to wide variances in quality), and the sound/music is passable, never being annoying and never being something I could listen to outside this game.
And the bad?
The game has roughly 50% puzzles that have you figuring stuff out, and 50% platforming to a very obvious goal. The platforming is twitchy but not something that stops you from beating the game. The story isn’t great (although being light, I don’t see it as being bad). I encountered three bugs that required restarting the game due to items falling out of the level or not triggering the end.
So who should play it?
If you like active puzzles and you don’t mind everything being from a first person perspective, then you might like the game. And if you’re ok with shorter games (4.9 hours under my belt) and if you’re ok with a game not being perfect but still being good, you might like the game.

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