Super Hot

Super Hot

In a world where shooters are a dime a dozen and unity engine games aren’t always synonymous with quality, it’s nice to have a developer like this put some real time and effort into fine tuning every single aspect of their game until you feel like it’s all one system. If you’re looking for a game where you feel like Neo, you’ve found it.


Super Hot is more puzzle game than action game, where you need to clear a smallish level of all foes before you’re allowed to progress to the next. The core mechanic of the game is that time does not progress unless you move. Well it does but very very slowly, with everything around you happening as though the world is filled with molasses. Of course the moment you start walking or aiming, that all goes away and panic sets in as bullets whiz by your head.


I won’t go into the story, as it’s best to go in blind, but it is something that will likely stick with you after you’re done. The main story is only an hour or two long, but there’s plenty to do in free play, in challenges and just exploring everything the game has to offer. Even if the game isn’t on a sale, it’s certainly worth the full price of admission for all this content.

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