Supercharged Robot VULKAISER

Supercharged Robot VULKAISER

Week 2 of my 52 week challenge and I’m finding it, well, a challenge. Mostly to find the time needed between all my other hobbies and being a dad! Still this week I was able to squeeze in a few hours with Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser.

Done to ape the style of 80’s anime and specifically Voltron or Battle of the Planets, Vulkaiser is a shmup where you’re the forces of good (learning how to be a team) versus the forces of evil (and scary space monsters). You control one ship that can combine with your teammates, who have some really intentionally bad voice acting. Each combination changes how your weapon functions, giving you 5+ different weapons to use.

As someone who enjoys a good challenge, Cave shmups and the genre in general, there is nothing to be found here beyond the visual/audio style that can be loved. If you’re not a fan of shmups, it’s not a great one and if you are a fan it’s not a great one. But it’s that bad acting, good music style that you should play it for. I grabbed the game for less than a buck and enjoyed it from start to finish.

If you can grab it for a buck or two, you won’t be disappointed but if you’re looking for a good new shmup, I really can’t recommend Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser.

Time spent: 6 hours, beat the game on easy and normal.

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