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Tool: Dungeons and Dragons Monster Making Tool

Posted on Aug 20, 2015 by in | 126 comments

Over the last three weeks I’ve developed a tool to help Dungeon Masters make monsters. The tools provided in the DMG are useful, but after seeing the awesome stat block template created by Valloric, I knew I needed to make a tool to generate those templates.


My tool can be found here: 



  1. This doesn’t appear to be working on Windows 10, is there a fix out there? If not, is there one in the works?

    • I’ve developed it on Windows 10. Do you have the prerequisites installed? (.net 4.5 and c++ 2012. Please note that for C++ 2012 runtime, newer versions do not include older ones. So if you have 2013, that won’t let this program run.)

  2. Would it be possible, to have the tool output monsters as vector graphics?

    • That’s something I wanted from the beginning. Since we’ve had a lull in development, I think it’s probably a good time to look at HOW to do that.

  3. I just wanted to say that this is amazing. Thank you very much. I am running on Windows 10 no problem so far and don’t think I’ve done anything special.

    Couple of observations so far (only two monsters played with):

    Telepathy is not listed under a language option. No big deal as I just put it under abilities.

    More significant is the Hit points. Am I missing something or is there no way to show the HP addition. For example 18d10+36 for an Aboleth. I don’t see where to put the +36.

    • The +hp will come from your Constitution bonus, however if you want to add arbitrary values, the textbox that the calculation shows in can be edited. For example, if you made a fresh creature with no editing and hit preview, it would say “2 (1d4 + 0)” which can be edited to “34 (1d4 + 32)” if you wanted, which would show in the final monster.

  4. This is a very useful program. Thank you for working on it. Could you add the ability to open and save in a specific directory? I’m putting the monsters I’m creating in a particular directory. I’d like to have the open to have a save directory. Also, and this is a reach, is it possible to have an image place holder in the two column output? I’d want to be able to open a directory in which my images are kept, and place an image inside a box.

  5. How can you force italics within an ability? For example adding an innate casting ability and italicizing the spells that can be cast?

  6. Hey I don’t seem able to input a spell of 9th level. I’ve got the spell slot set to 1, for 9th level that is, and have set the monster’s spellcasting level at 19, yet it isn’t working. I can’t click up to 9, and when I type 9 it swaps to 8.

    • I see this same behavior as well. I’ll fix it tonight!

  7. BUG REPORT: switching away from the Future template with backgrounds still enabled replaces other templates’ backgrounds with that of the Future template, but at the wrong width.

    • Uploading a fix now. Thank you for pointing this out!

  8. Every monster I make that has spellcasting such as Drow the spellcasting entry into Abilities always lists last, no matter where I place it in order.

    • That’s how the Monster Manual formats the spellcasting ability, so I’ve tried to match that as closely as possible.

      • This is not true for innate spellcasting, which is listed in alphabetical order like other abilities. Right now the program puts innate spellcasting last.

  9. I’m having some trouble adding Legendary abilities, I open the legendary tab, Type out my legendaries, hit “add ability” for each one, but then there’s no button to acctually get them on to the main sheet

    • So when you hit “Add Legendary” the window that pops up works like this: Name is the name of the legendary ability back in the main window, so you can edit/delete the legendary trait if you don’t like it. Ability name and the box below it is for the actual abilities in the Legendary trait. Then you hit ‘add ability’. When you close this window, it will be saved and when you preview the creature the Legendary trait should be present. If not, feel free to save your monster as a .mm file, upload it anywhere and send a link to our contact email.

  10. Hey,

    I’ve been using the tool and I really like it. I’ve pulled the source code and I have a few recommendations for some increased functionality. Would you be interested? If so, where could I send those to?

    • I am always interested in looking at code. You can always emails us at our contact email or even just on the comments here with a link. Or on Git, if you wanted to point me at the code you edited there. I’m pretty sure you could also make a pull request that I could look at.

  11. Does this work on Windows XP? I didn’t see anything saying it didn’t but it crashes as soon as I try to open it.

    • I tried getting it to work on xp but I can’t promise it’ll work for everyone. You’ll need to be on sp3 and have all the prerequisites installed.

      I do have it working on one xp machine myself but it’s in a vm and it’s professional.

      If you want, send an email our way and we can try to help you troubleshoot.

      • Yeah I have SP3 and all the requirements installed. I’m running Media Center, not professional. It just crashes as soon as It tries to start. I’ll send an e-mail

  12. How do I run the program?
    I have the zip extracted to my desktop, and when I open it there’s all kinds of files in it that my computer doesn’t know what to do with, i.e. I click ‘Open’ and it asks what to use.
    Which file should I be opening, and what application do I use to open it?

    The answer is probably obviuos, but I’m not familiar with C++ or .NET, so I have no idea.

    • You should see dnd_monster.exe that’s the one to open!

  13. So how *do* I make custom templates? My attempts to change the hexcodes in the template fail to work and I can’t figure out to do anything else.

    • I’ll have to write up a tutorial on template usage. The program just uses whatever values you put into your template file.

      Easiest way is to edit the existing template that comes with the application.

      • I’ve tried that but nothing changes. I think I just have bad luck with your program.

        • If nothing is happening, it means the prerequisites aren’t installed or aren’t functioning. I’ve had some people say the 4.0 wasn’t working for them, so you could try .net 4.5 instead

  14. Hey FallenWyvern, awesome tool, thanks for all the hard work! Has anyone created a database of the stat blocks from the monster manual yet? I’d love to use those as a starting off point to make my own modifications when I need to tweak a monster here or there.

    • Not yet. I wanted to do it myself, but I lack the infrastructure for doing so. Until then, keep passing the tapes (or in this case, MM files)!

  15. hey FallenWyvern, great app. could you put the option to choose feet or meters?

  16. I have gotten version 4.13 and, Perhaps I am missing something obvious, but I do not see where to input attacks.

  17. First… I Love it !!!!

    Second… Could add the word ‘plus’ to the damage type to remove the period (see update 4.2.9).

    Third… The lines in my spell list are separated by large spaces (not in a tight package like in the Grave Titan example). Help 🙂

    Thanks… and keep up the great work.

  18. Paragraphing is a bit wonky under Valloric’s Statblock. For example, I was doing up a dryad’s Fey Charm ability and the first paragraph indents properly with no extra spacing between the lines, but when I do the final paragraph, it insists on skipping a line, which looks quite awkward.

    I have noticed this behavior several times. It wants to treat the spacing between the first and second paragraph differently than between the second and subsequent paragraphs.

    • Devin, for the Fey Charm ability, could you pass the save file to contact (at) so we could look at it. We’ll compare it to the Monster Manual and adjust Vallor’s template in our files to match.

    • This may have been solved for you already, but I’ve noticed the same occurance with the default tab space of any secondary paragraphs, as well. If you want a workaround (since the program uses HTML) you can type “” (w/o quotes) at the end of your 1st paragraph (in other words, don’t hit ENTER when you’re done with your 1st paragraph), then immediately (w/o spaces, etc.) begin typing your next paragraph, repeating for each new paragraph.

      E.g., “This is my 1st paragraph.This is my 2nd paragraph.” Again, no quotes. “” is HTML code to tell the program to create a new paragraph. I’ve noticed that by using that method, all of the indented spaces at the beginning of every paragraph is the same.

      Also, if you are a fan of “justified” text (text that reaches the end of the line before wrapping around), then you can use this lil’ code, , the quotes around justify NEED to be there. Alternately, you can replace “justify” with “left”, “center”, or “right”, as you wish.

      Lastly, if you want to apply the left, center, justify, or right alignments to everything in your typing box within the program, the very 1st paragraph you’re typing needs to be preceeded by: and followed by your paragraph with no space between the code and the 1st letter of the 1st word. Any following paragraphs will need to be preceeded by , but otherwise work the same way.

      Using creates the new paragraph (identical to typing in my original tip) and also applies the justified alignment to that paragraph, as well.

      • Nevermind about that reply, if the moderator would be so kind as to delete that reply and this one. I was unaware that my HTML code examples wouldn’t show up and, as I’m sure is obvious, I’m obviously not an expert HTML coder or web designer. 😀

        However, my first comment that I posted (currently at the bottom of this page) I’d definitely would like for the moderator to approve or w/e so that I may get a response from the developer (probably also the moderator) or others.

        Sorry for these two posts!

        • Actually I think all the posts have useful information, so I won’t delete them but I do thank you for providing that information for others. I’m just one guy (website is hosted by a friend, but all the work on the application, my articles, the website and so on is me) and I’m not really great at conveying all the little tips and tricks for the monster maker so that’s some useful stuff!

          If you look at the custom template file, you can see the formatting that I use. Valloric’s template is what my work is based on, but custom templates can be edited if you have common styles you wanted to use.

          • Was your comment about the Custom Template file in connection to my original comment (all the way down at the bottom of the Comments page) about trying to insert simple tables into the stat block? If so, how do I edit it, how does that work. I’ve looked at the custom template inside the Monster Creator program of yours, but it looks identical to the default template and, as stated earlier in this post, I’ve no idea how to make changes to it. Do I need a seperate program? I’m sorry for the trouble, I’m not a programer and don’t know much about HTML. 😀

          • Hey, I opened the Custom Template.tpl file using Notepad++; however, I can’t make heads or tails of the coding within nor have I been able to find a resource online that tells me anything.

            Aside from wanting to insert simple formatted tables (w/o borders), I want to remove those dividers between the different sections of the stat block, due to the fact that if I shrink the width of the stat block below 212 those dividers don’t shrink to compensate for the new size. This means that I’ve got to go through the trouble of cropping the .png images.

            The default width of single column stat blocks takes up more than half the width (~two-thirds) of a document page (i.e., Word 2003) that has 1-inch top/bottom margins & 1.25-inch side margins. Obviously, I can change those defaults, and have, to the minimum that I can w/o causing issues for printing & hole-punching. However, to just have 2 cm of space between the columns in the Word document (after I’ve modified the margins), I have to make the stat block width, within the Monster Creator, equal to 161 (btw, I’ve no idea what that measurement is supposed to equate to, I’ve been unable to figure that out, lol).

            The default width of a 2 column stat block (260 whatevers) is close to perfect for a document with default margins.

            Lastly, if there is a better way to communicate with you other than cluttering up your comments section with posts that aren’t helping others (at this time), that’d be cool. I’m certain you have your own life, job, hobbies, etc., that you’d rather spend your time on than dealing with a person, such as myself, who keeps asking a bunch of questions that, apparently, no one else is asking. 😀

            P.S. I’ve experimented with just resizing the .png images to make them fit my desired margins inside Word; however, as happens with any image that gets resized passed a certain point, the text becomes difficult to read (both because it becomes too small & because of issues with resizing an image with text in it, even when keeping the same aspect ratio).

            Thanks again for any help you may be able to provide for this somewhat nit-picky person!

  19. Also, when doing innate spellcasting, the program places 3/day below 1/day. The official stat blocks start from most uses to least uses.

  20. Was putting in the stats for a Scout from the Monster Manual and noticed that the Passive Perception line is not picking up any bonus to Perception. So, for example, the Scout has a Perception of +5 and a Passive Perception of 15, but on the program Passive shows up as 13.

    • Are you adding Passive Perception or just allowing the creature to have it (not clicking ‘add’ still results in Passive existing for the creature).

      To see the behavior yourself, create a new creature and hit preview right away. You’ll have a PP of 10. Then add PP to the creature and it boosts to 12 (because a CR creature gets +2 from proficiency).

  21. Is there an option to have CR 0 creatures grant 10 XP? Commoners have this characteristic, as do other CR 0 creatures with effective attacks. As far as I can tell, this program only shows CR 0 creatures as granting 0 XP.

    • I’ll have to put that into the next build. Will do this though!

  22. Another issue, I think. Let’s say I have a creature with a Wisdom of 7 (-2), and I want to give it proficiency in Wisdom saves for a total Wis Save of +0. I want the +0 to print on the Saves line of the stat block. But it won’t because it thinks +0 is the same as no modifier.

    Is there currently a way to reflect a +0 save bonus on the Saves line?

  23. The Passive perception setting seems to ignore the proficiency of the creature.
    If I do:
    1. Add skill (Perception; Add bonus (+2); Add stat (+1); Add Proficiency (+2))
    2. Skill gets added correctly as Skill: Perception (Wis) +5 | (Wis 1, Prof. 2, Bonus 2)
    3. Adding passive perception results in a PP of 13

    After retrying with different stats and bonuses it seems that only the proficency bonus is not applied.

    • You are correct. I’ll make that change. Also notably, pP should *never* have proficiency.

      As Per pg279:

      Passive Perception Score. All monsters have a
      passive Wisdom (Perception) score, which is most
      often used to determine whether a monster detects
      approaching or hidden enemies. A monster’s passive
      Wisdom (Perception) score is 10 + its Wisdom modifier.
      If the monster has proficiency in the Perception skill, its
      score is 10 +its Wisdom (Perception) bonus.

  24. Is there currently a way to insert a simple table into an Action or w/e (e.g., something with simple columns & rows) for when a monster has an ability that would require, say, a d10 roll for the sake of some randomness. I don’t believe there is such a monster currently in the MM, but in past editions there were.

    Since the program utilizes HTML I’ve been using a bit of HTML code in the description fields for bold, justify, etc. I’ve tried inserting code for a simple table (utilizing the d10 mentioned above). It worked, but had about 3 inches of white space between the body of the text of the ability and the table itself. I tried creating a new ability with just the table code and still had the ~3 inches of white space. I experimented, removing bits of the HTML code of the table in case it was conflicting with what is hard-coded into the Monster Creator, but, eventually, after removing bits of the code, saving the ability, previewing, rinsing & repeating, the table would just disappear (b/c I removed essential parts of the table code).

    So, I know there is some kind of conflict between the HTML code, what’s hard-coded into the Monster Creator and was wondering if there is a workaround or a way that Monster Creator handles this itself that I’m simply unaware of. That being said, I’m greatly enjoying the functionallity of the program & it is very useful.

    In closing, if there is no workaround or built-in functionality that I’ve not seen documented on this site, is there any plans on introducing a feature for creating simple tables that can be inserted into a monster’s abilities/actions/etc., perhaps via an additional tab in the entry windows?

    Thanks in advance for any response(s) & for the wonderful program!

  25. The Translation part influences the program translation and data sent to the template, as far as I see

    I edited myself the .json translation file (i wanted a Polish version). However, the template uses still English names in statistic title (Armor Class, Hit Points, Senses for example). Is it possible to edit the template somehow inside the program?

    Thanks. Matt

    • Yeah, the translations files are *just* for the UI. However I’m currently working on two major features and one of them is template translation!

  26. To any who may frequent the comments section here: Does anyone know if there are other monster templates for the Monster Creator floating around on the net as I’ve not been able to find any (except for the default one included in the Monster Creator, itself). I’ve been unable to figure out how to actually make sense of the code in the template files after opening them in Notepad++ and have failed to find any resources online to help me in my endeavor. I copied random lines of code & searched for those individual lines online hoping to turn something up that would point me in the correct direction. Alas, all I’ve ever managed to turn up is the default template that the Monster Creator uses.

    I’ve a few reasons for wanting to either: A) Find different templates that do not have those red seperators (they don’t resize if you want to scale the width of the statblock below 212); B) I’d like to have a template or find a way to be able to properly insert short tables (no more than 12 lines at most for my purposes & 5–6 columns, preferably without borders); and, C) I’m hoping that some of the issues I’ve encountered may be an issue with the coding of the templates and not the program, itself. For instance, Ability descriptions starting on the next line instead of on the line with the name of said ability. I’m also hoping that (whether via altering the coding of a template or by the use of a template that has this done already) there is a way to have all text in the statblock be justified instead of left-aligned.

    THIS NEXT ONE IS FOR FALLENWYVERN: I’ve encountered a glitch that occurs when repeatedly editing the same ability or action: The item in question will be duplicated in the list of items on the left hand of the Monster Creator & listed a corresponding number of times in the statblock preview. Rarely this can be solved by simply removing the lower listed duplicate entry; most of the time, however, you simply have to delete each duplicate or restore from an earlier save of the file. There’s also been one or two times where I deleted one of the duplicates (the first in an instance that I’d try to delete) and it, along with all the other duplicates of that entry, would simply vanish. Lastly, I’ve tested this bug by saving the file and the bug is saved as well, so it isn’t just a graphical echo.

    The glitch usually happens after editing the same ability or action a few time or more in a row.

    THANKS AGAIN for the program and any help you or others who frequent this page may be able to give me.

    • Cripes! Sorry about the lack of question marks instead of periods at the end of the appropriate sentences.


  27. Great tool! I was wondering if there is a way to use the creature name as a variable in an ability description. I am interested in making a template to use for many monsters of the same base type.

    I also seem to have extra lines when using Valloric statblock. It automatically goes to the next line after the name of the ability. Spellcasting abilities does not seem to do it nor is AshenGT statblock.

    Thanks again for this awesome job.

  28. Awesome tool! Almost exactly what I was looking for in a stat-bloc generator. Only thing is I can’t edit the language list like it says I can, or anything that has edit options at all actually.

    • Editing any drop down is as simple as typing whatever you want into that field. So for language, if you wanted to put in “Spanish”, just highlight whatever language is in the box right now, and type what you want it to be. Then hit “Add Language” as normal!

  29. Amazing tool!

    Would you be interested in releasing it as a web tool or a Linux download?

  30. Hi, noticed a tiny issue.

    When you set saving throw bonuses you can’t set the bonus to 0 and have it appear on the monster block (certain creatures like zombies have saving throw bonuses of 0)

    Perhaps it could be fixed by having the base value set as ‘null’ or ‘-‘ and allowing a value of 0 to show up on the final product

    • I’ll look into that. Are there any monsters other than Zombie that do this?

  31. I can’t add the condition vulnerability.
    Also, sometimes the Actions clone themselves out of nowhere.

    Do I have an older version?

    Keep up the amazing work!

  32. Hey Fallen, I love your application and think it will be very useful to me, but I have one issue. When I attempt to open one of the monsters I have created in either a .html or .PNG the file will show a bunch of jumbled words with no formatting, for the .html, or not show up at all with the .PNG.

    • If there’s anyone else experiencing this issue, please send me the .mm file that won’t show anything. I’m trying to pin that down but it’s not happening for monsters I’m making.

      • I have a similar problem. The formatting works just fine when html monsters are opened in Chrome, but when I open the same monster in Firefox I get all the text with no formatting.

        • This is because the HTML is based on Vallorics template which uses chrome specific css to format.

          If you know of another template that works in ff, I’d be happy to include it!

  33. Good morning! I would like to help translating the tool into Portuguese. How do I send to you? after there will be the chance of my native language is actually inserted in the program?

  34. Great tool, thanks. I was wondering if it is possible to modify any code to adjust the print resolution for png (to say 200 to 300 dpi), as im putting together some designs that need to be higher res than 95dpi (the default setting). the pdf exports better but does not allow the flexibility of the png file with transparency set on the background.
    Thanks fella.. sterling work…

    • Looking to see if I can adjust that. I’m using CEFSharp for rendering and so I don’t quite have the control over this that I’d like. But it’s a commonly requested feature so I’ll try my best!

  35. Hey FallenWyvern. Love your tool it is pretty amazing. I have a few request or ideas to improve, this amazing tool a little.

    1)When you go to “Add SRD Content” it would be nice to have a selection of the abilities, actions, reactions without selecting a monster first. Ex. I want to add “Bite” as an action but I don’t know by heart which monster has it so would be nice to have a list of all the actions before you select a monster. 🙂

    2) Is the a way to edit the default “Legendary Actions” text? If not it would be nice to have one. One example for that a I came across was “Rezmir” from the “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” adventure it has a custom text for it’s “Legendary Actions”.

    Those are two things that would be nice.

    Thank you for this also tool make my DM live a lot more fun.

    Keep it up.

  36. Am I doing something stupid when trying to add SRD content for a creature? Selecting it just leaves the “Add all from creature” button greyed out, and the “Add selected” button does not do the trick. How are people getting creature stats into the tool (without doing it by hand)?

    • The “Add All” isn’t implemented yet. I do this on the side as a solo project and work became hectic so just as I added that so I could wire it up, I had to step back. It will be added in a future update (along with some bug fixes) so rest assured it will be there!

      • Oh! No worries, I just thought I was missing something obvious. I do have an alternative way to get the base stats, but this will certainly be handy once you are able to implement it. Great job on this awesome tool!

  37. The newest version saves, but upon loading everything except the strength stat is reduced back to a flat 10.

  38. Just wanna let you know how amazing this is! I’ll donate as soon as I can, promise.

    • It’s appreciated, but while a beer is always nice make sure to share your creations! I’ve used so many community made monsters and it’s so cool to know that some of them are because of my program. Cheers!

  39. I am very impressed with this tool! Thank you for developing it.

    Two questions from me:

    1. Can you please add ‘1’ to the list of Weapon Attack dice under Add Actions. The lowest dice listed is d4, but there are some weapons that deal just 1 base damage, such as the blowgun.

    2. Can Saving Throw Bonuses please be shown net of the bonus and the Ability Score modifier? Right now it just displays the bonus and then it is up to the user to remember to add the Ability Score modifier to it.

  40. This looks really nice, but I don’t play 5e. Any chance of getting a version that does the same things but for 3.5e D&D? It would be a godsend.

    • It would have to be an entirely new application, a very large undertaking. I sold my 3.x books years ago too. Maybe there’s something already out there for you? I would say you could look at or something similar.

  41. Wonderful application that has made my life so much easier being a homebrew DM.

    However, sent the DL link to a friend of mine who was interested in using it. They unpacked it, and cannot open the DND_Monster program.
    They click it but nothing happens.

    I tried to figure it out but I’m stumped (which admittedly isn’t easy to do).

    Do you have any advice?

  42. Hello there , I am a happy user of your tool here. The only thing that I am curious is about Innate spellcasting and that the spells line up 1/day , 2/day etc unlike what we are used to see 2/day and then 1/day.

    Is it something one can do about that?

  43. Hi. Is there a way of having a skill with a +0 modifier appear in the skill list? So, for example, a beastie that has Dex 6, and a +2 Proficiency Mod, which is proficient in Stealth, could display that skill as +0. At the moment, if it has a +0 final mod, it doesn’t display. Thanks, and as always, huge praise for this amazing bit of software.

  44. Hi.
    I love your Tool. It’s awesome!
    Is there a way to give the Lifepoints a constant? Like with Kobolds it is (3d6 – 3).
    I would like to see that feature, especially for creating buff dudes 😀

    • Any field can be edited. Once you generate or roll HP, you can just type into the area listing Hit Points and the program should display your edits properly.

  45. Is there a way too create multiple statblocks/monsters with your program and append them all into one PDF, or do they just need to be made individually

    • It should be done individually. The application fills out a template and so to fill out multiple monsters would require a huge overhaul. Your suggestion does give me an idea for a tool to assemble a page (image, stat block and write up)

  46. Hi!

    This looks like an amazing tool, but I’m having an issues when using it. The application itself works perfectly, but when I export the HTML file and open it in firefox, there is only basic html without any stylesheet at all. Basically just a bunch of black lines of text.

    When looking in the development console, the following line is displayed a bunch of times:

    TypeError: thatDoc.registerElement is not a function[read more]

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for this amazing tool!

    • There are CSS elements and some javascript calls not supported by Firefox. This uses Valloric’s 5e template which specifically is built for Chrome. If you have CSS and javascript that works for Firefox, let me know and I can put that in.

  47. Everytime I click the link to download it brings me to a page with the following…

    All access to this object has been disabled


    Any fix would be much appreciated
    Thank you

    • This has since been corrected. Thank you for reporting this!

  48. I just happened to find this today and I’m very happy I did! 😀

    Small bug:
    I found that stat blocks I make have the reactions and legendary action fields outside the bounding box when made into HTML, but I was able to change it easily by opening it in notepad and adding in a couple property-block tags.

    That said, amazing work! I have so many monsters to make now!

    • If you would, use our support email and send me an image of the issue itself, your .mm creature file and the .html file. I could try and get that bug sorted out right away.

  49. Hello,

    I have found a small issue with the zooming option. Sometimes, when using a zooming value of 3 or more (especially if it’s higher than 3) and saving to .png, the saved image will not be zoomed. Instead, the image will be the same size of zoom value 0 and includes a scroll bar on the side, contained in a 1366×768 px box.

    My preferred zoom value is 5, to create clear statblocks on A4- or Carta-sized paper. When using a single column, first saving to zoom value 4, then switching to value 5 usually provides a one-time fix. But when using two columns, I can’t create an image of zoom level 4 or higher, as it produces an image as stated above.

    Great work on this tool, and I hope this can be fixed. It has made my campaign a lot more fun to prepare 🙂

    • I’ll have to look into why it’s doing that, but it should be fixable! Thanks for the heads up!

  50. Seems like a great tool, I just noticed that there isn’t a way to add a + to hit points, like 10d8+20 that you get from a bugbear chief. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again!

    • The text field HP is written into can be manually edited. Just add the +20.

      Also for the example you gave, the chieftain should be getting his hp from con * hd but I could be mistaken on that. If I’m not, that should be generated as well.

  51. Greetings,

    Setting the saving throw bonus to a negative value seems to trigger an “Index out of bound” exception when loading the file.


    -A somewhat annoyed user

    PS: In case it needs to be said, thank you for making this!

    • This one has been fixed. 5.4.9 is currently up and as soon as the version information is cached your application will prompt you to upgrade.

  52. Greetings,

    Loading more than 3 files in the same session generates an “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” exception.

    • This one is weird, I’m trying to replicate that issue but I can load any arbitrary number of creatures so far and no crash. I wonder if it’s a specific file. What are you doing to load those files?

  53. It seems that I cannot open the program. I click the .exe file, the spinning blue circle appears and disappears as if it’s opening, but nothing happens. I’ve even tried “run in administrator mode” and after I open the .exe, through both double-clicking and right-clicking and choosing the Open option, nothing happens.

    • To also clarify, I definitely have all the C++ stuff, because it worked not but a couple months ago. I attempted a redownload to no avail.

      • If you click your run button (Start > Run on anything less than windows 10, right click the start button and hit run on windows 10) and type eventvwr, then look in your Windows Logs > Application you should notice a .net error. If you post that error, I should be able to pin things down. Please send the error to our support email. Thank you.

  54. Hi – I love this program. I have a couple of questions, though.

    Firstly, I want to echo what Rick was saying (a year ago it seems!) – the default png is too wide for a statblock. The monster manual has 2 fitted side by side on a page, and this is what I’d like to do too. Reducing the width below 212 isn’t ideal because the graphics poke out the side. I can obviously reduce the size of the png in Word, but the text size reduces proportionately too.

    Ideally I’d like to set the physical width of the png in cm, and have the text format within that column size (but graphics scale down or up). Would this be possible?

    Secondly, the png writes with a clear or white border around it. Is it possible to have a check box to remove this border?

    Thank you for writing this, and hopefully for allowing these tweaks. 🙂

    • As far as measuring out to CM, I’m not sure. The method I’m using for saving to PNG doesn’t seem to be even giving me DPI and translating that to physical cm isn’t going to be easy. The Clear/White border is part of the page and if I look through the CSS it should be something I can remove. Thanks for the suggestions!

      • You are welcome, and thanks for the prompt reply 🙂
        Is there a central repository for *.mm files anywhere? It’d be good to share!

  55. When I try to launch it it doesn’t do anything.
    I checked the debug and it says

    [0203/] Running without renderer sandbox

    Is there a fix for this that is easy to understand.

  56. Hi there.

    I have been looking at the “custom template.tpl” on Github, and this led me to look at the other templates. I found Valloric.cs, and I think I can see stuff I’d want to change in there that isn’t obvious in the custom template.tpl file. However, I can’t see where the *.cs file(s) are in the installation to edit them. Are they packaged in the program itself?

    If so, how does the custom template.tpl file pass its info on?
    The thing I want to edit is the width of the cvg tapered-rule template ID. Is there an easy way to add this to the tpl file?

    I hope I am making myself clear, but I worry I’m not!

    • You edit the template, and then in the renderer select ‘custom’ and then you can pick the tpl file. It’ll load those settings instead of the valloric ones. For the next iteration of the application I will have all those controls built in.

      • I don’t think I can edit the width of the cvg tapered-rule template ID, though. I’ll have a go.

        Is the next iteration under way, or still at the planning stage?

        I have a suggestion – a text output with the correct markup for Fantasy Ground’s parser (par5E). How does that sound? 🙂

  57. Is there a Mac version of this? I would gladly want to use this for when I start DMing

    • Not yet, but I’m writing a new version that will be usable in Mac, Linux, Windows, Android and IOS.

      • Sweeeeeeeeet. Do you have an idea for when it’ll be done?

  58. Thanks for such a great AP. As a DM I am working on a few things that are pretty wild and love having a tool like this to help. Is there a way to get Monster stats with abilities already in for things like Beholders, Mind Flayers and Gith?

    • Yeah, since the next version will have an online component, it’ll enable you to load monsters from the SRD. That includes *most* monsters, but not Beholders or other monsters that aren’t in the SRD. This won’t stop others from making them, of course, and allowing you to use them. I just can’t legally distribute such things.

  59. Hey, so I’m running Windows 10.0.15063, Build 15063, and when I try to run the monster maker tool it doesn’t open, I checked Task Manager and it doesn’t appear there either. I have everything needed to run it but it just wont open, help please I really like the tool and I think its great, so help would really be appreciated, thanks.

    • Run the tool (which, you know, doesn’t show anything) and then in your run box (right click the start button, hit run) type “eventvwr”. Go under Application (under Windows Logs) and see what error exists there (there will be one).

      Email what you find there to b dot holmes dot 29 (it’s a gmail address) and I’ll respond back with how to fix it.

  60. Hey FallenWyvern! Thank you so much for such a great tool. Multiattack language doesn’t appear in the stat block, what am I missing?

    Thank you.

  61. Great job on the program, I love using it to turn my vague scribbled notes into a concrete monster profile. I wanted to point out an issue I ran into though. I recently tried to make a monster that had warlock levels. Now I’m not super used to 5e yet but my understanding is warlocks only have spell slots of one level at a time. Like for example, a 3rd level warlock has two 2nd level spell slots and no other slots at all. I tried to input this into the program but I’ve found that if I don’t attribute the monster to have spell slots at lower levels, the later levels don’t appear at all. Like, if the monster knows spells at cantrip, 1st, and 2nd level, but only has 2nd level spell slots, the only text the program outputs is the cantrips.

    For example, inputing in the program the following code:

    {“Title”:”warlock Spellcasting”,”Description”:”warlock|Charisma|3|NotInnate|0,2,0,0,0,0,0,0,0|0:eldritch blast,0:mage hand,0:minor illusion,1:charm person,1:hex,2:hold person,2:invisibility|”,”isDamage”:false,”isSpell”:true,”attack”:null,”saveDC”:0}

    You would expect it to produce the following output:

    Cantrips (at will): eldritch blast, mage hand, minor illusion
    1st level (0 slots): charm person, hex
    2nd level (2 slots): hold person, invisibility

    But instead it only reads:

    Cantrips (at will): eldritch blast, mage hand, minor illusion

    I’ve found if I give the creature at least one spell slot at first level, the second level spells will then appear. Would it be possible to add the ability to have zero slots of a given level, but still read out any learned spells of that level? And also, when the creature has no spell slots or learned spells at a level, not show it, but do show higher level spell slots and learned spells?

    A second, much more minor issue I’ve found is that once you input a spell into the “add ability” window, that spell cannot be removed (which is very inconvenient if there was a typo in there or something). This can easily be fixed by editing the HTML, but all the same it would be nice if you could remove spells from the list.

    Again thanks, even with these issues the program is a delight, thank you for all your hard work on it!

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