The Walking Dead Season 2

The Walking Dead Season 2

The first season of “The Walking Dead” was a revolution for Telltale Games. Taking a beloved licence and marrying it with a more cinematic way of telling a story, many users were drawn to it. This was in heavy contrast to the lighter licences and more game play heavy games that came before their earlier cinematic attempts like Jurassic Park. Some complaints were tied to the first season, mostly in a lack of actual choice. Often you would be presented with a few options and no matter which you decided upon, the result was preordained but I actually enjoyed this method of choice as the decision you made was remembered by the other characters and would change how they acted towards your character. All the while you had a surrogate daughter in the character of Clementine, the new protagonist of the series.

If you’re new to this type of game, it’s very similar to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series of books. Watching a bit of story, you’ll be presented with dialog choices. These could range from a simple “who gets this candy bar” to life and death split second moments of choice. Season 2 continues this tradition, with a new cast of characters. Characters I found far more compelling and well written when compared to the first game. Clem certainly feels like she’s grown up since the end of the first season and the story never feels tied down to the comic books from which it is based upon. Oh and neither of the games have anything to do with the television series so there is no need to try and figure out where these characters fit in relation to that property.


So if someone were upset with the illusion of choice from the first game, then the second game will be an even greater pain as there are far more choices that end up with a single solution however I felt that they had as equal an impact as possible. Whereas the first game would end up with the same cinematic for all given choices, the second neatly creates small variants to keep the illusion alive. The graphics in the game have never been anything to call home about, excepting that it looks like the characters belong on a comic book page. Audio is excellent with the voice actors all being top notch.


The game is an easy one to recommend, however since it precludes you’ve played the first it’s already sort of sold itself to you. If you’ve never played a telltale game, then the first season is a great starting point. Overall, I look forward to playing the next one.

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