Week 6 – Double Dragon Neon

Week 6 – Double Dragon Neon

Retro is a term a lot of games will use when they couldn’t get someone to make art that extends beyond the 16 bit era (or at least looks like what someone thinks that era looked like). Double Dragon: Neon tries to make old new again and to great success. The gameplay is tight, with controls leaving you cursing yourself and not the controller for your failures. The bosses are huge, filling the screen with giant multi-part sprites (or meshes to look like sprites, it’s hard to tell with their art style). The 80’s aesthetic might not appeal to everyone, but it certainly works for me. The game is unapologetic in sitting itself squarely in the 80’s.


Ten stages, each progressively more difficult than the last, span the length of a few hours. Played individually or cooperatively is seamless and the multitude of upgrades for your character gives you some variety and the soundtrack matches everything quite perfectly. Aside from the game being a little on the short side and a little on the easy side, I’d have said this game walked right out of my childhood and through an HD car wash leaving me with a product both highly polished and highly entertaining.


A definite recommendation for people who liked Blood Dragon, Drift Stage or Hotline Miami and longs for the beat-em ups of old.

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