The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

Once again, it’s time for a Telltale game. This time we delve into the noir setting of the DC comics / Vertigo comic series Fables. The game is created as a prequel to the comics and was one of the more well received Telltale games they’ve produced.


So basically we’re looking at more of the same: same controls, same quick time event, different set of filters over the same quality artwork, same menu options, and the same level of quality for audio. Now none of that is bad, as the developers are just doing what they do best: focusing on telling an interesting story with a cast of interesting characters and I’d say for the most part they were successful.


So we’re brought into the world of Fables where the characters of fairy tales, legends, myths, and other stories all end up living in New York in their own little area. You have to pay witches to glamour you to look human or you have to go upstate to ‘The Farm’ where characters who can’t afford a glamour or who a glamour wouldn’t work on (like giants) go. Our characters is the big bad wolf himself, Bigby and a good chunk of your time will also be spent with Snow White while they unravel a murder mystery involving a beheaded prostitute and end up poking their noses into the personal lives of everyone they meet.


Across five chapters, this ends up working pretty well. The pacing is particularly excellent to the point I never felt I was floundering. Investigating people when you have clues or don’t is satisfying but I suspect that the game rails you into everything in such a way that you don’t notice it’s doing that. All the side characters are equally interesting, from the slumlord Mr. Toad to the pimp Georgie Porgie. In fact, seeing how they connected the story characters to their visual counterparts was really really fascinating.


I’d recommend the game, but unless you’ve never played a Telltale game before I’m pretty sure you’d already own or plan to own it. On the off case you haven’t played one of their games, this is probably one of the better ones to start with. Oh and extra bonus points for telling mature themes like adult relationships, prostitution, sex workers, drugs and alcohol in a mature way without glorifying anything.

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