Work It: Valve Expands Steam Workshop

Work It: Valve Expands Steam Workshop

Today Valve had posted on the official Workshop page ( that they are opening up the ‘monetization’ portion of the workshop.  So far, only Valve has allowed content creators to make money from their hard work. In Dota2, TF2 and CS:GO you’ll find many items that get voted upon and added to the game. Then Valve splits the money made with the content creator.


So far, only Dungeon Defenders: Eternity and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare support this new functionality but you can expect it to expand to other games shortly. Some have stated that this is a bad thing, encouraging people to do shady things to make a quick buck but I think overall this is a great decision. A lot of hard work goes into quality content and with money on the line people will up their game just a little bit. Too often do we see mods fall away and never get released because they lose interest or other things become more important.


Anyway, it should be an exciting few months as games add support for this feature and when possible I’d like to detail how to go about adding to these workshops here on The Genius Inc. I’ll probably up a tutorial or two for CS:GO stickers (which I am familiar with) within the next month.

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