Dungeons and Dragons 5e: Optional Rules


The new version of Dungeons And Dragons has come out, and I’m very excited as a Dungeon Master to play it. Overall, it’s a nice combination of everything I’ve come to love with a nice combination of balanced mechanics and nostalgic gameplay. Everything about it is fantastic and if you want to know more about it, my favourite review so far is over here.

That being said, there’s nothing that is perfect. One of my main complaints is how uniform and awesome the races are, but then the optional races (Dragonborn, Tiefling, Half-Elf, Half-Orc) don’t follow the same rules. Below I’ve linked some suggestions for people wanting these races to function more like the existing races.



DM Rules: Sleeping in Armor – Rules for the DM to help make the world a little more real.

DMs Corner: Savage Races – Rules for helping the DM make the various savage races different.

Race Rules: Tiefling – Different subraces for different demonic parentage.

Not entered yet, the Tieflings are designed to take the different types of Demonic and Devilsh parentage to give each subrace something unique, and to give them a less uniform look.

Race Rules: Aasimar – Different subraces for different angelic parentage.

Not entered yet, Aasimar are likewise to the Tiefling with various Angelic parentage controlling their abilities and looks.

Race Rules: Dragonborn – Different subraces for different draconic parentage.

At the moment, Dragonborn is split between chromatic and metallic, obvious choices with little difference between the two. As I get to add other types of dragon bloodlines (gem dragons?) I’ll make them more unique.

Race Rules: Genasi – A classic race, updated for the new system.

Genasi are a bit sterile. Each are perfectly balanced against each other, not made to be specifically interesting. I want to add a little something special to each subrace to make them more interesting, but they’re very playable now.

Race Rules: Shardmind – A race, updated for the new system on behalf of reddit user /u/brail

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never liked the Shardmind. But saying that, creating the race for 5th edition was fun. Specifically, I had a lot of fun with the Deep Speech ability. Because they didn’t have subraces before, I split them into Astral born Shardmind and Prime Material born Shardmind.

Warlock Patron: Ancestral Pact – A new Pact for Warlocks

Feat: Swashbuckler – A feat for those who want one handed finessed weapons, with no offhand item, to be a viable option.