Optional Race Rules: Aasimar


Aasimar, much like the demonic Tiefling, can trace their heritage back to powerful outsiders. Angel blood flows through the veins of each and every Aasimar, and grants them power. Depending on these bloodlines, the Aasimar will have various features added to their mostly human visage. Archeons tend to have golden or handsome features. Couatil might have feathers tucked in with their hair or slightly cooler skin. Solar have greener complexions and tend to have less hair than a common human.


Ability Score Increase: Increase your Wisdom by 2

Age: Aasimar tend to live slightly longer than humans, but few reach 200.

Alignment: Aasimar all tend towards Lawful or Good, often both.

Size: Aasimar range from 5’6” to 6’4”

Speed: 30 Feet

Languages: Common.

Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes: Once per day, you can call on your heritage to seek guidance. Gain advantage on a single skill roll and treated as though you have proficiency. This increases to twice per day at the seventh level and three times per day at fourteenth level, but you must take a short rest between uses.

Subraces: Choose a subrace: Archeon, Coatl or Solar.



Ability Score Increase: Increase your Charisma by +1

Skill: Gain proficiency in Performance.

Righteous Aura: Instilling the same confidence in their allies as their greater angelic kin, you can spend a use of your Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes ability and give it to an ally of your choice.



Ability Score Increase: Increase your Intelligence by +1

Skill: Gain proficiency in Arcane.

Spells: Gain the Prestidigitation cantrip at the first level, gain feather fall at the third level and gain Suggestion at the fifth level. These spells use your Intelligence to cast, and can be cast once per day.



Ability Score Increase: Increase your Constitution by +1

Skill: Gain proficiency in History.

Glorious Aura: Drawing upon your Solar blood, as a bonus action you can spend one use of your Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes. Doing so grants you Resistance against Slashing, Piercing and Bludgeoning. This lasts a number of rounds equal to your Constitution bonus.