Optional Race Rules: Tiefling


Tiefling are individuals cursed by a bloodline of an infernal source. Shapeshifting demons, cultists and other worshipers of devils and demons allow such blood into their family, running for generations eventually creating Tieflings. While most feel uncomfortable in the presence of a Tiefling, they are not naturally predisposed to act evil. Depending on their infernal heritage, they can have a variety of appearances. Asmodean Tieflings are the most common, with horns and tails. Vrockian Tieflings tend to have misplaced hooked noses, feathers, purple skin or claw like, black fingernails. Balor often stink of sulfur, have red or leathery skin and eyes like smoldering coals. 


Ability Score Increase: Increase your Charisma by 2

Age: Tieflings tend to live as long as humans, sometimes slightly longer.

Alignment: Tieflings tend towards evil, but other alignments are not uncommon.

Size: Medium

Speed: 30 Feet

Languages: Common and Infernal

Darkvision: You can see in dim light for 60 feet as though it were bright light, and beyond that as though it were dim light. You cannot discern colour in darkness, only shades of gray.

Subraces: Choose a subrace: Asmodean, Vrockian or Balor.



Ability Score Increase: Increase your Intelligence by +2

Skill: Gain proficiency in Arcane

Infernal Legacy: You know the Thaumaturgy cantrip. Once you reach the third level, you can cast Hellish Rebuke once per day as a 2nd level spell. Once you reach fifth level, you can cast the Darkness spell once per day. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.



Ability Score Increase: Increase your Dexterity by +2

Skill: Gain proficiency in Acrobatics

Deft Speed: While lacking the flight of their forebearers, heightened awareness still flows through their veins. Vrockian Tieflings who are hit by an attack can move 5′ as a reaction.



Ability Score Increase: Increase your Strength by +1

Weapon Proficiency: You have proficiency with longswords and short swords (and whips, if they’re ever added to the game).

Fire Storm: You have resistance to effects from fire, including spells. Increase the damage of attacks you make which deal damage from fire by 2.