Warlock Patron – Ancestral Pact


Dolzen backed the accursed Warlock at the back of the alley, finally pushing his advantage against her. Spells must be running low, because she hasn’t spit anything magic at him in a while.

It was then that he noticed the gossamer threads surrounding her like a faint cocoon. Had they always been there? The more he stared, the more he could make out faces… wrapping around her? He was so focused on the whirling pool of spirits enveloping her that he didn’t notice her smirk before everything went dark.

The Ancestral Patron allows a Warlock to tap into their magical heritage, summoning spells through their lineage and asking their ancestors for help. A warlock who chooses this path becomes bound to the whims of their ancestors as much as they are bound to the warlock. Ancient blood can boil with legacies of tragic events and ancient connections.


Expanded spell list:
1st: Heroism, Shield
2nd: Augury, Spiritual Weapon
3rd: Speak with Dead, Spiritual Guardian
4th: Phantasmal Killer, Locate Creature
5th: Animate Object, Legendary Lore


1st : Ancestors Insight : Ancestors grant you knowledge of their successes and failures, allowing you to have proficiency in a skill you aren’t normally proficient in for an hour as a bonus action. This action can’t be used again until you’ve taken a long rest.

6th : Watchful Souls : Watching over you, there are always a few more sets of eyes to spy ambushes and whisper danger in your ear. You gain +2 to your initiative while awake. Increases to +3/+4 at 12/18.

10th: Spirit Armor : Spirits wrap you with their ethereal protection, you gain immunity to Necrotic damage and your AC increases by 1.

14th: Ancestral Wrath : A foe within 60′ who is cursed by your ancestors for the duration of the encounter. While cursed, any damage you deal adds an additional dice of damage. Any attacks that miss or spells that deal no damage still deal damage equal to your Charisma modifier. This uses a bonus action and cannot be used again until you take a long rest.