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Current Version: 5.4.9

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Special thanks to Redditors :

/u/sDoddler, who has made the excellent D&D Monster and Combat tool, available at http://www.sdoddler.com/

/u/Sitrane is as responsible for this as I am. His testing and UI improvements really improved the application. It’s now a joint venture!

/u/ItsADndMonsterNow for inspiring me to want to make monster making easier

/u/Valloric for his amazing template which can be found at http://valloric.github.io/statblock5e/



Grave Titan 2


The application, and it’s output. You can save as an HTML file or a PNG or print it out (you could also print it to a PDF this way!)

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For reporting bugs: contact (at) thegeniusinc.com


.net 4 and C++ 2012 redistributable.

C++ 2012: http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=30679

Please Note: Grab the x86 C++ redist not the x64, even if you’re on 64 bit. The library I use for preview uses x86!

.net 4.0 : https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/5a4x27ek(v=vs.100).aspx

Want to help with translation? Download our translation tool here!  Please email us back the .json file (we’re working on a way to upload these directly). Soon, we’ll have a translation pack you can download.

This software is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


5.4.9: Loading files with negative saving throw values no longer crashes the application.

5.4.8: Fixed compatibility with Monster Workbench and added a “Blind beyond this distance” checkbox for visuals. This functionality existed before, this is simply a new way to use it.

5.4.7: Updated ability/action fields to filter colons (this would make it so you can’t edit/delete items with colons in their name) and fixed an issue where loading a monster, then editing an attack and setting it to use strength/dexterity without previewing the monster would cause the application to crash.

5.4.5: Updated Workbench output to use line breaks instead of commas to separate values. Still use the same button to output!

5.4.4: Changed the Workbench output to .txt instead of .csv (still just click the csv button)

5.4.3: Added Zoom level. Now when printing/saving an image, the entire result will be rendered at a zoomed in level. This will allow you to scale your images more easily.

5.4.2: Using the new Workbench template, the CSV button is enabled, allowing you to correctly export the monster.

5.4.1: Added a new template for the Monster Workbench tool, which can be found here. Added the ability for higher than 10th level spells to be added using Epic=true in the ini. Fixed proficient skills that have a net 0 from not being shown.

5.3.1: Updated the sDoddler template, and using it will prompt you to find the monsters-custom.ini file that goes with the suite. This will allow it to patch the monster into your custom ini. Also I added the ability to mark an update as ‘skip’, so that if you don’t want to update now you can do it manually later or wait for the next update.

5.3.0: There’s a new template type, added all the SRD creatures (up to the appendix) and enabled the button to add all the abilities, actions, reactions and legendary actions of a filtered monster. Big update, so expect a bug or two. As always email me if there are issues!

5.2.1: The last update broke loading a monster, where the STR would load but the rest of the stats would be 0. Your save files still have the data, it’s just dumping that. Use this new version, and all stats will load properly.

5.2.0: Added proficiency bonus to hit on attacks generated via the new “Use Strength/Dexterity” buttons.

5.1.9: Added a “Strength” and “Dexterity” button to attacks, so you can just click them and have it auto-fill the attack and damage bonus with that stat modifier.

5.1.8: As a request of /u/ItsADnDMonsterNow I’ve added the ability to edit what number of legendary actions a creature gets. This data isn’t saved/loaded yet, but should allow a little extra customisation room. If you wanted to know more, you can check out his Patreon over here. (Update: 5.1.8 added the feature, 5.1.8 added saving of it.)

5.1.6: Decided since life has been keeping me from the application to fix a small formatting issue with legendary actions. More like a spelling thing. But it’s fixed! I promise, the application is still being worked upon and right now stability is the biggest focus. Also finishing SRD content and adding all abilities from an SRD creature. Searching for a specific SRD ability is going to come shortly after, so you don’t need to know the specific creature you want to template from.

5.1.5: Added more SRD content and now parentheses in senses properly format. If you selected “Blindsense” and then added “(blind beyond this range)” into the drop down, it’ll properly insert the speed BEFORE the parentheses.

5.1.1: A minor bug was found in relation to formatting abilities and has been corrected.

5.1.0: Added scroll bars to the main panels. Feel free to resize the window, run it on a tablet or whatever. Go crazy!

5.0.2: Turned the target box in attacks to be a drop down. You can still enter whatever you want into this field, but it has the two choices that are used in all creatures in the MM except for Vampire.

5.0.1: Fixed some spelling errors and added a semi-filling ‘multiattack’ area (it’s a pretty common ability, figured it wouldn’t hurt to add). Remember to please, go through and actually edit that code. It just gives a little bit of a start.

5.0.0: Was saving this one until I completed the SRD content, but a bug fix had to be patched. Added SRD content ‘library’. This allows you to quickly use creatures from the SRD as a base for your creations. Also fixed a bug where anything in the lower abilities area was red.

4.4.3: As pointed out, my passive Perception was incorrect. Should be as per page 279 on the dmg.

4.4.2: Fixed duplication of spellcasting when multiple spell sources existed (Drow Mage, for example, has innate and non-innate spellcasting, which would trigger this). Also added ‘bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage from nonmagical weapons’ to help save people the time.

4.4.1: Alphabetized spells. Now spells are alphabetized within their level or castings per day. Small bug though. If you add a spell to a list that already has spells, you have to save it and re-open it and save it again. This will be fixed soon.

4.4.0: I had no idea how this was so wrong for so long, but now spellcasting doesn’t have super amounts of line breaks. Give it a whirl, hopefully I didn’t break anything for anyone.

4.3.2: Added Feet/Meter checkbox as per request. For the sake of our comments, please send suggestions to contact (at) thegeniusinc.com

4.3.1: Clicking load now properly clears all former data being held. Should have no issues loading a monster and having stale data remain.

4.3.0: Attacks and HP no longer use +0 if there is no modifier for that attack (or hp).

4.2.9: You can type in ‘and’ into the description of an attack to append information without a period appearing. Before, your damage type would always have a . after it, but if you wanted an attack that had additional, separately typed damage, it would be “xdy + z type damage. And blah blah”, now you’ll get “xdy + z type damage and stuff you typed after”.

Small change, but a nice one.

4.2.8: Accidentally hid the stat area while fixing the line breaks in abilities. No longer hiding that very important area.

4.2.7: Updated the Valloric template for proper line breaks between abilities.

4.2.6: Using the ‘future’ template, and switching to other templates made the ‘carbon’ background persist. This no longer happens. Also, updated to use the newest version of Valloric’s Template.

4.2.5: Innate spellcasting text made closer to the Monster Manual output.

4.2.4: Screenshots should no longer hang the program/output black PNG files

4.2.3: Negative saving throws now show.

4.2.2: Saving throw bonuses can be set below 0.

4.2.1: Thanks to one of my users, tracked down a crash related to spells with no name! Thank you Robert. Also, if you start filling out a ‘weapon’ attack and move to the next tab, it’ll autofill that with the weapon attack. Hopefully a good Quality of Life feature

4.2.0: Now anyone can make a custom template! Copy the “Custom Template.tpl” file, rename it to whatever you want and edit it however you’d like it to look!

4.1.2: Fixed issue saving screenshots (png). They would ALWAYS use Valloric instead of hte selected template.

4.1.1: Added AshenGT’s template. Columns now use 212 if single or 260 if multi columns (although after changing column number, this can still be edited manually). Last used template is saved in the .ini and loaded if present.

4.0.1: Program would crash if it couldn’t check in to see if there are updates. It doesn’t do that anymore.

4.0.0: Primary translation stuff is in. Click the globe to use it, pick the language file. Right now, there’s only German. Help me fix that if you can! Read just below the download link for instructions on how to make translation strings and how to get them to me.

3.1.7: Discovered I accidentally left the localization debug button visible. Removed it. It is used for me to debug translations and not important (and probably will crash most in most instances).

3.1.6: Removed ‘Spell Level’ limiter. It was preventing spells properly working up, but not down. This will return when fixed.

3.1.5: Last used directory is cached and loaded on start.

3.1.4: Loading a new monster clears values of saving throws, then loads the saved creatures save bonuses (if any). This means ‘old’ monster saves should not leak into new or loaded monsters.

3.1.3: Template backgrounds had a bug where they would use the same background for all templates. This has been corrected.

3.1.2: Added different background for ‘future’ template. Fixed recursion bug with na,es (if you had “multiattack” and “multiattack defense”, it would look to see if just part of the title was a match, and if so add it. It would double each ‘preview’ of the creature).

3.1.1: Column width matches Monster Manual @ 260

3.1.0: Innate Spellcasting now more closely resembles the MM. If you notice any formatting issues, feel free to send us an email at contact at bloomspin dot com

Also you can now customize column width.

3.0.5: Put in some remaining bug fixes for edge case problems (loading/formatting data). Added in ‘Future’ template (color/font change, otherwise is the same as Valloric). Now using .zip instead of .rar

3.0.0: XP support via lowering .net requirement to 4.0

2.3.9: Armor loads properly if your text has spaces

2.3.8: Passive Perception now loads from the Skill Bonus numeric Up Down rather than from CR. This means you can boost passive perception with the skill bonus widget.

2.3.7: Creature Type, Tag and Size now load custom values (instead of matching them to existing options). Also HP should now correctly load custom text.

2.3.6: All up/down number UI elements have a maximum of 100,000 instead of 100/1000

2.3.5: If a creature lacks passive Perception, passive Perception will be added automatically without proficiency.

2.3.4 (includes 2.3.3): Fixed loading custom speeds. First, it wouldn’t always load them and secondly it also wouldn’t work with multiple custom speeds.

2.3.2: Fixed Reddit template formatting.

2.3.1: Reddit template now shows weapon attacks.

2.3.0: Please note that with this update I found that customized speeds are not correctly loading. This is a known bug and will be fixed shortly (estimated: 3rd of September)

Added a new template: Reddit formatted. This was at the request of /u/ItsADndMonsterNow and since this tool was inspired from his work, I figured it was fitting to add. Use the template, preview and then you can use the ‘Reddit’ button to copy to your clipboard.

2.2.1: Reversed how clicking affects the traits list. It used to be that double clicks deleted items and right clicks edited. Now double clicks edit, right clicks delete and trying to delete items gives a confirmation pop up.

2.2: Paragraphs now paragraph properly (they didn’t line break before, nor did they indent). UI Update!

2.1: Weapon attacks with no target do not crash the application anymore. Attacks with 0 damage dice will no longer list damage at all.

2.0: All major bugs seem fixed. Output should perfectly match the Monster Manual. Manual sorting of Abilities and the individual traits in Legendary Abilities. Tooltips added to Speed, Monster Name. Speed can now be customized. Click on the label you want to customize (“Speed”, “Fly”, “Burrow” and so on), this will disable the ft number box and give you a prompt. This is for things like Lycanthropes that have different speed in different forms. Names can now be proper with a “*” infront of the name. AC now automatically adds brackets, unless you have brackets already (again, Lycanthropes).

1.9 : Added “Reactions” as an action type. Renamed a lot of former things that said “Attack” internally to “Action”. Please note, this will probably break compatibility.

1.8: Spellcasting blocks now have saving throws and attack bonuses. Spells cannot be of a higher level than your highest consecutive spell slot.

1.7: Fixed asterisk in name being placed on actual monster sheet. Fixed crash when loading ability (was trying to load non-attacks as attacks.)

1.6: Nude AC no longer has empty braces “()”. You may put an Asterisk before a creature name to make it a ‘proper’ name (so spellcasting would say “The Dragon can cast spells” but would also say “Zap Rowsdower can cast spells.”) Speed was broken for a bit. Ranged attacks can now have greater than 100′ range. Spells with brackets specifying effects (like Drow Priestess) now skip italics in braces (so the spell “Summon Natures Ally (Two Spiders)” would have Summon Natures Ally in italics, but not Two Spiders).

1.5: Fixed formatting on words that should not be uppercase, added saving of Legendary abilities and added a new ‘spellcasting’ panel.

1.4 : Fixed stat mods not updating.

1.3 : Added Columns for output and made skills update when stats are updated (but not the ‘bonus’ from CR, yet).



This tool allows you to create monsters and then output them in HTML. This is not the final version, however updates will slow down from weekly to monthly.