Steam Game Launcher

Download Here


The “Steam Game Launcher” application is designed to allow you to put in an AppID, grab assets from Steam servers for your front end and download that information. It also will launch a Steam game and then await for it to close before closing itself, allowing your front end to know when the game is properly closed.


Usage: launch the application as is to download assets. You can use the folder structure (I used GameEX as an template for which directories are important) or just leave them blank. Type in an AppID (each Steam store page has their own AppID in the URL) and allow the application to do it’s thing. Select the single image and video you want to download and process it.


The command line version of the application requires the parameter -GameName (for example: SteamGameLauncher.exe -“Half-Life 2”) and it will look for the relevant file (in this case “Half-Life”) and the application will use the information inside that file to launch the game. This way, you add SteamGameLauncher.exe as a game to your frontend. Of course this is optional, you can just use the application to download artwork if you would like as well.